Put the Voice of your Customer at the heart of key business decisions

Arm the right people in your business with the opportunity to take smart action in response to real-time customer feedback

Our VoC Solutions Suite

Each of our Voice of the Customer solutions are designed to solve a specific challenge, leveraging our people and our technology to achieve real outcomes for your business, your colleagues, and your customers

We’re with our clients every step of the way

Our business is powered by people. Our clients don’t just buy tech, they buy the experts who can bring a programme to life, socialise important messages, and drive real cultural change. We’re your strategic partners and an extension of your team

We ensure each VoC programme reaches its full potential

We’re outcome focused. We capture and connect disparate data sources, transform complex data into meaningful stories, and highlight where to prioritise resources. In doing so we prevent costly mistakes, protect revenue, and secure ROI for our clients

9 million
digital experience surveys served to website visitors each day
5 million
personalised survey invitations emails sent each week
5 thousand
client contacts interacting with their real-time survey data each month
3.2 million
customer comments collected each month
1.5 million
verbatim comments intelligently categorised each month
Every 3 minutes
someone contributes to a Maru/edr panel
Start shaping the solution that's right for your business

Partner with Maru/edr to secure long term success with future-proofed solutions that will evolve and grow in line with your needs