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Delivering business outcomes through Technology and Insight

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Painting better pictures, faster

Using outstanding in-house technology, we’re driving faster data collection, analytics and reporting, and combining with advisory insight to turn results into action by painting better, more vivid pictures for our clients to improve their understanding.

Our technology and sector expertise make Maru/edr a uniquely flexible Voice of the Customer partner.



We’ve built all our technology from the ground up, integrating and processing multiple data points to tell your customer’s stories wherever, whenever



We focus on outcomes, not just measurement and are passionate about delivering tailored Voice of the Customer programs



We’ve been at the forefront of customer experience since 1999. We are Voice of the Customer experts

What can we do for you?

Technology, advisory insight and thought leadership have always been – and will always be – the mainstays of our business.

Explore how our solutions can work for you

Award winning Experiences

Position your business as customer experience leaders with an award-winning Maru/edr Voice of the Customer program

Understand Experiences

Know what makes a great experience and where in the business additional investment can make a difference

Demonstrate ROI

Our focus on outcomes means a Maru/edr Voice of the Customer program will drive change and increase your bottom line

Add context to results

Understand results in relation to your market and close competitors by applying context from our industry experts

Marginal gains

Dig deep and find those small differences across all areas of the business to make a big impact and achieve results

Understand Emotions

You can now finally measure the emotional reaction of customers effectively using a robust methodology

Analyse and Report

Cut time spent processing data and get straight to the bottom of what your customers really think

Put Results into Context

Lean on our cross-sector expertise and understand what your customers are really telling you

Design Experiences

Use customer feedback to build experiences your customers will love from the very beginning

Measure and Manage

Use continuous feedback on your customer journey to effectively measure and manage your customer’s experiences with you

Create Winning Experiences

Understand what good looks like and work with all areas of your business to plans into action

Spread the Voice

Engage with the right people at the right time and in the right way to improve the entire customer experience

Measure what Matters

Measure what really matters to your customers and by focusing on the areas where staff can really improve

Empower staff

Give your staff the tools they need to take action and proactively step in when issues arise

Position your Products

Use real-time feedback to ensure your products are reaching the right customers in the right way and at the right time

Develop talent

Use customer feedback to nurture the right behaviours in your workforce and celebrate success