Why we all need to grow up at some point

August 11, 2015

The launch of eDigitalResearch’s new website marks the final stage in the company’s recent re-brand. Kat Hounsell, Sales and Marketing Director examines what it means to the business and why at one point or another, we all have to grow up.

The launch of our website marks one of the final stages in our recent re-focus on us – eDigitalResearch.

Since 1999, we’re been providing some of the best-known brands world-class Voice of the Customer programmes and insight to help build and grow their business.

But during the past fifteen years, we’ve also been growing and building our own world-class business.

I’m proud to say that our current headcount now sits at over 140 thanks to a steady flow of new faces through our door. We’re recruiting some of the very best in the insight and SaaS technology industry to serve our ever-growing client base. We now work with some of the world’s biggest brands on their global Voice of the Customer programmes and customer experience solutions.

In short, we’ve grown up.

Why growing up is a good thing

Don’t get me wrong – we’re not growing up entirely. We’ll still strive to maintain our fantastic work hard, play hard mantra and continue to provide a fun and engaging workplace that makes us officially the best market research agency to work for thanks to our achievements at this years The Sunday Times Best Small Companies To Work For.

But growing up as a business has allowed us to take stock of our achievements and really focus on us.

We’ve learnt that what really sets us apart from all the other agencies and feedback providers out there is our amazing SaaS technology systems – no other agency on the planet can do what we do. We’re totally unique. Our vast array of in-house technical talent and future-lead product team means that we’re able to tackle a whole range of insight projects – from simple surveys to large, complex programmes.

[ts_blockquote quote_icon=”off” horizontal_line=”off” color=”custom” custom_color=”#e63328″]No other agency on the planet can do what we do[/ts_blockquote]

It’s just one of the reasons that our client list remains enviable – from world renowned brands to newer business looking to make a name for themselves – and continues to grow.

We’re told time and time again from our clients that our ability to bespoke solutions is key. We’ve built tailored programmes and even whole new technologies quickly and efficiently to serve the varying needs of our clients. It’s one of the reasons that we’re so highly recommended in the insight and customer experience sphere.

We’re shaping the future of real-time customer data collection. We are the first Voice of the Customer provider to utilise beacon technology to gather immediate, location-specific feedback – and we’re already trialling a number of new initiatives in-house that we hope will revolutionise the way our clients gather feedback from customers.

Stamping our mark on the global stage

Around 25% of our total revenue is now generated by international projects. We’re no longer just a local UK agency – we’re a globally recognised brand spreading far and wide.

In 2015, alongside partners in France, US, Australia, New Zealand and India, we launched the Digital Insight Network – a member organisation of like-minded digital insight agencies from across the globe.

We now offer a cost-effective and flexible alternative to the large, multinational organisations. And it’s working. We’ve already welcomed an additional six new member states to the Digital Insight Network and are working with a number of partners to provide local insight on a global scale.

Sweet sixteen and what the future holds.

We wanted to share our new status as the leading provider of SaaS customer feedback technology with the world.

We’ve created a new brochure and produced a video that brings together all the elements of why we are great.

Later this year, we’ll celebrate our sixteenth birthday. While many of us might shudder at the memories of our sixteenth birthday and those terrible ‘teenage years’, we’re welcoming our sweet sixteen with open arms.

We’ve seen digital come full circle. As the first people to pioneer the importance of the digital customer experiences, we’re continuing to invest in new technologies to ensure that our customer’s experiences really are the very best they can be.