Why customer experience matters more than ever

Liana Vickery

January 27, 2016

When you examine the effect that a great customer experience can have on a business, it seems remarkable that more brands haven’t woken up to the power of Customer Experience Management sooner. Chief Commercial Officer, Derek Eccleston explores the importance of giving customers a great experience and why the future of advertising and marketing lies within customer experience.

As more and more brands invest in their customer experience and engrain Customer Experience Management programmes into their business, we’re seeing and hearing more and more from our clients the great result that effectively managing experiences is having on their business.

As consumers, our lives are changing. We have more choice than ever before and as a result, our habits are changing. We’re more demanding, less forgiving and perhaps less loyal than we once were – slip up with just one negative experience, and brands risk losing a customer for life.

It means that each customer interaction is more important than ever; brands are waking up to this change and according to Gartner, 89% of marketing leaders expect to compete primarily on the basis of customer experience by 2016, compared with 36% four years ago.

The changing face of marketing and the transfer of power

Your customer’s experiences matter more than ever before – platforms such as ratings, reviews and social media mean that any negative experiences risk going public and could influence others. This new feedback culture transfers powers from brands to the consumer. And it also means that customer experiences have got to be right before advertising and traditional marketing can be effective.

In early 2015, ailing grocer Morrisons appointed Tesco graduate David Potts as CEO to help turn the supermarket’s fortunes around. Speaking at a press conference in September 2015, Potts told the audience:

“You can’t build advertising without a strong foundation…it falls to the firm to ensure that the shopping trip gets better. Only then can you be more broad-minded on how you bring that to people’s attention”.

But how do you ensure a great customer experience each and every time?

How to manage customer experiences effectively

Customer feedback is easier to capture than ever before – people want to tell you about their experiences with you. It’s how you deal with that feedback that’s important.

At the heart of any customer experience programme, there needs to be a ‘listen and act’ culture. At eDigitalResearch, we like to call it Listen, Interpret, Delight.

With an eDigitalResearch Voice of the Customer programme, you’ll be able to listen to your customers, intelligently interpret what they’re saying and the meaning that lies beneath, and delight them by turning insight and feedback into action. You’ll effectively empower change with both on-going strategic developments, as well as intervene in individual situations.

Proven results

Everyday, we’re seeing the power that Listening, Interpreting and Delighting your customers can have on a business.

We’re hearing stories of how simple changes to store temperatures or a lick of paint are having on customer satisfaction. How banking alternative The Co-operative Bank have managed to start 2016 on a high thanks to a fifteen point increase to brand advocacy after the introduction of eDigitalResearch SaaS technology enabled them to listen, interpret and delight their digital customers. Or how, parcel carrier Yodel scooped several awards last year off the back of impressive improvement across their business following the introduction of their ‘Have Your Say’ Voice of the Customer programme.

And it’s stories like these that convince us that the future of successful business lies in great customer experiences.

Improving customer experiences is simpler than it looks. At eDigitalResearch, we combine SaaS technology with research know-how to create Voice of the Customer programmes that deliver real innovation alongside actionable results.

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