Acting on customer feedback leads to a four-to-one return on investment

And it’s helped British Gas secure awards for their improved service

The challenge

If a customer enjoys their experience with you, they’re likely to return. But how do you ensure that each customer gets an experience they’re expecting and will enjoy? Getting the customer experience right across increasingly complex journeys is difficult and often brands are left unsure what improvements to make and what developments to prioritise.

The solution

A multi-touchpoint Voice of the Customer program measuring customer experiences in the moments that matter. Real-time data collection coupled with advisory insight provides areas for improvement based on clear ROI.

When you quantify feedback, you can do what’s right for the customer and what’s good for your business.

Our Voice of the Customer progams are designed around your business needs so you can listen, interpret and delight customers. We will take feedback from a range of sources – including social media – and get to grips with what your customers have to say. From real-time dashboards to data interrogation and focused insight, take your Voice of the Customer results and share them around your business to tell a story and bring the customer journey to life.

It’s the only way to drive change and ensure a better all-round customer experience.


Our award-winning Voice of the Customer programs can flex and adapt to meet a range of varying business needs no matter what industry you operate in


  • Understand what good looks like with our leading digital retail studies
  • Understand drivers behind basket abandonment and how to improve
  • Share results around the business and make your Voice of the Customer programme a way of working

  • Capture feedback in the moments that matter and understand the multichannel experience
  • Drive consistent and seamless experiences across a growing range of touch points
  • Stay on top of social media buzz and share emerging trends to capitalise before your competitors


  • Compare your performance with key competitors and the best in the industry with our regular benchmark study
  • Monitor experiences across the entire journey – from booking to arriving back at home
  • Drive a seamless experience across a growing range of channels

  • Capture feedback in over 100 languages and see how your performance compares across countries
  • Embed your Voice of the Customer programme across all areas of the business – from frontline staff to head office decision makers
  • Monitor your social media presence and spot emerging issues before they escalate


  • Acquire new customers by creating great experiences your customers will shout about
  • Identify under-performing moments across your customer journey – and develop business improvement plans to put things right
  • Ensure your business and people meet stringent industry regulations and take immediate action when they don’t

  • Turn great experiences into a new Way of Working by embedding your Voice of the Customer programme across the whole business
  • Drive a seamless experience across all channels – from in-branch to mobile
  • Make smarter business decisions and invest based on priorities by quantifying feedback


  • Grow your customer base by creating great experiences people will shout about
  • Capture feedback in the moments that matter to really understand how you perform across complex customer journey’s
  • Turn detractors into promoters by intelligently identifying unhappy customers and actively step in to resolve issues

  • Share results effectively around your business to embed the Voice of the Customer
  • Make great experiences a Way of Working by empowering employees to take informed action based on feedback
  • Monitor the Voice of the Social Customer and act on emerging trends to become the best service provider


  • Attract new users by creating a customer experience that gets people talking
  • Map sometimes complex customer journey and identify key moments to focus improvements
  • Turn feedback into action by getting results into the right hands at the right time

  • Cut site issues and resolve problems faster with intelligent technology that identifies the issue and alerts the right person to fix
  • Reduce churn by identifying unhappy customers and managing their experience
  • Ensure your new customer experience is as seamless as it can be


We’ve got the right Voice of the Customer solution for you – whether you’re a busy executive wanting the tools to empower your staff or a researcher who’d like to gather better insight faster.

business-leadersBusiness Leaders

Create a customer-centric culture by monitoring experiences across the customer journey and discover where and how to invest to see the greatest return

cx-teamCustomer Experience

Turn feedback into business change by measuring the things that matter with a Maru/edr Voice of the Customer programme


Use real-time Voice of the Customer feedback to monitor, coach and train your workforce and improve the customer experience


Take advantage of industry expertise and the world’s first digital semiotics tool to really understand your customers and put their feedback into context

The leaders in Voice of the Customer technology

Technology to empower your staff

We never stand still. Our continuous investment in new technology means that we are at the cutting-edge of insight and feedback – we’re pioneering new methodologies and analysis tools.

Bring together the right technology needed to create a Voice of the Customer program that delivers for the whole business.

Omni-channel surveys

Listen to your customers in the moments that matter. Flexible and optimised for a range of touch points, our Voice of the Customer survey tool will help you reach out and listen to your customers. And because your Voice of the Customer program is an extension of your brand, each survey is designed and tailored around your exact needs.

Data integration

Fuse data with feedback for the whole picture Integrate Voice of the Customer responses with any kind of data – from social media to sales figures – swiftly and securely. Whether you want to fuse average spend or live event data with customer feedback, our platform is able to handle a range of complex integration processes – and all in real-time.

Text analytics

Turn the unstructured Voice of the Customer into action Our text analytics tool takes all the hard work out of verbatim analysis and allows you to understand and share what your customers want and need and how they feel about a range of issues.


Spread the Voice of the Customer effectively around your business We know that getting the right data to the right people at the right time is key to keeping your brand ahead of the competition. Spread the story behind the Voice of your Customers quickly and effectively with your personalised, engaging and real-time dashboard tailored for every level of your business.

Analysis and Reporting

Real-time data interrogation and analysis Explore data and your performance using HUB, our insight and analysis portal – we can even fuse feedback with supporting customer data so you have the whole picture when making important business decisions.

Intelligent sampling

Survey the right customers at the right time Our intelligent sampling technology will automatically detect when, where and how to gather feedback from our customers across multiple journeys. To put it simply – our experience combined with our tools means we know who to survey, when to survey them and what methodology to use.

Empower business decisions through customer insight

Focus on action

We’re not just focused on measurement. We’re focused on outcomes.

Our insight team are fully trained across a range of research methodologies. They can be as hands on as you need and involved in survey design, employee engagement and insight and reporting.

Actionable insight

Commercial insight to drive business change We pride ourselves on providing commerically-driven, actionable insight so you can really improve your business. You can be confident you’re making the right business decisions thanks to our years of experience and knowledge across sectors.

Advanced analytics

Proven research techniques for informed business decisions Every member of our research team goes through extensive, certified training to ensure they’re well versed when it comes to various research methodologies – including advanced and predictive analytics. It means we’ll take your customer data and turn it into something tangible to find the story within.

Journey mapping

Understand the complex journeys customers take across channels We’re able to map multiple customer journeys across touchpoints and identify key moments within them. We’ll even advice on the right methodology to capture feedback across all journeys and relationships so you have the right insight you need to make informed decisions.

Employee engagement

Introduce a new way of working We understand employee engagement and are on hand to advise how to engage with your staff and stakeholders. We’ll even work with key team members to ensure our Voice of the Customer solution works for everyone in your business.

Competitor benchmarking

Understand how your customer experience compares Learn how consumers see your digital experiences through their own eyes and words. Using a pool of profiled users, we’re able to compare how experiences perform, as well as best practice in your sector.

Award-winning support

A flexible and agile approach to account service When you choose to partner with Maru/edr you will enter into a mutually beneficial partnership. Our implementation will get to know your business to ensure a smooth development of our program, whilst our award-winning account management team are on hand every step of the way.

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