Is video the future for capturing customer feedback?

February 6, 2017

With video content popularity at an all-time high, will it become the medium of choice for brands looking to capture customer feedback? Maru/edr’s Senior Client Research Executive – Lucy Horne – explores how customer feedback services can utilize – and benefit from – critical and engaging video-based insight. 

We are living in the Age of Snapchat. The way we communicate is changing and – whilst Vine is sadly no more – the continuing popularity of video apps (with Snapchat having an estimated 10 million users per day in the UK alone and Facebook Messenger’s audio and visual calling services used by around 400 million people per month) suggests that video communication is here to stay.

Turning video popularity into meaningful insight…

So video is viral. But how can we channel this enthusiasm to share and be shared into meaningful insights? Traditionally surveys capture participants’ thoughts by using free text questions, giving customers the space to let you know in their own words, what they think. But by supplementing these free text boxes with the option for customers to leave a video response we can really tap into that enthusiasm and gain richer insight for it.

We talked a lot last year about the year of emotion, and what that means for you and your customers. A key part of measuring emotions is looking at not just what customers say, but how they say it. Being able to see your customer’s facial expressions and read their body language really helps bring to life that emotional element of feedback and ensures that you’re getting a truly holistic response. Being able to see your customers smile when they’re reviewing your latest advert, or frown in frustration when talking about your website provides you with that added impact and your customers with that feeling that you’re really listening to them.

… by tapping into present mobile authority

We have seen in the past few months, the number of website loads tip – for the first time – in favor of mobile and tablet over desktop. At Maru/edr we have also seen a significant  rise in customers answering our surveys on a smartphone or tablet. With most of these devices having cameras inbuilt, completing a video survey doesn’t have to be complicated. Video clips can be really short, with customers often only needing to record themselves for less than a minute  – less than the time it takes to boil the kettle.

So what happens next? Well, video can change not just how we conduct research, but how we consume it too. You might not have time to sit down and digest all of your data –  but you might just have time to sit back and enjoy a show-reel of your customers letting you know how they feel – facial expressions and all.

Maru/edr have now begun to implement and analyse data from video feedback touch points in surveys across a number of industries. You can find out more about this and other Voice of the Customer solutions on our website or schedule a personalised demonstration  with one of our industry experts.