Three challenges facing every cx professional

June 26, 2017

Our experience over the last two decades has taught us that every customer experience professional faces three key challenges in delivering a seamless, personalised experience to customers. It was a key debate during our recent Painting Better Pictures Faster Summit. Maru/edr Managing Director Liz Boffey explores how to overcome these challenges.


It’s well documented that customers who score top marks for any experience are over two times more likely to spend more with a brand.

It’s why there’s been such a huge focus and investment in customer experience over recent years.

As the market place evolves and with the arrival of new regulations or challenger brands, it means that businesses can no longer compete on price alone, we’ve seen more and more brands focus on service strategies and experience commitments to help differentiate themselves.

But how do brands live up to these promises?

Having worked within the customer experience market for almost two decades, we understand the challenges facing all brands and customer experience professionals. While brands are embracing customer-centric strategies and attempting to put customers front and centre, top line and bottom line growth still dominates the board agenda.

But there is a solution.

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