The Power of Text

December 7, 2015

Research Director at eDigitalResearch Anna Ritchie recently took to the stage at the recent Customer Engagement Summit with clients Virgin Media to share the impact that HUB Text Analytics is having on their business. Here, Anna describes the text analytics journey that Virgin Media have undertaken and how the power of text is driving change across their business.

HUB Text Analytics is a powerful tool. Even a very simple approach can deliver effective results.

As one of the UK’s leading communications providers, Virgin Media are often inundated with comments. They knew they needed a smart yet simple ways of understanding what their customers were saying.

Six years, working alongside research partners eDigitalResearch, Virgin Media developed a dimple rule-based coding systems to classify customer comments. Now, using HUB Text Analytics, Virgin Media are able to discover emerging themes and trends and quickly put results into action to drive improvements throughout the business.

We’re providing real, tangible results across Virgin Media. The power of text has made a real difference to their business.

Cutting through the debate

For every set of customer metrics that show there is a potential issue, internal stakeholders were able to produce a set of operational metrics that told a different story. Now quantified customer comments cut straight through the debate and clearly indicate what needs fixing. It means that real solutions can be developed in response to real issues.

Targeting feedback for action

Using HUB Text Analytics, all comments are analysed for certain themes or entities. Comments mentioning certain products are automatically sent to the right people within the business. It means staff are empowered to make changes and improvements on a continual basis.

Driving the right behaviours

Customer comments tell a very real story – and when combined with call centre resolution metrics, brings to life the importance of positive agent behaviours. Its kick started a big initiative to improve agent behaviours – training has led to an increase in positive comments from Virgin Media customers and an increase in brand advocacy.

Focusing on what customers care about

Communicating clearly with customers is key to the success of any business – language and terms that are used internally might not resonate that well with customers. Understanding how customers talk about Virgin Media products has changes the content of marketing messages, ensuring benefits speak directly to key customer groups.

Using HUB Text Analytics

HUB Text Analytics – the customisable verbatim analysis tool – turns the unstructured Voice of the Customer into action. Using both powerful discovery and tracking tools, you’ll effectively listen to your customers, interpret what they are saying and delight them by driving change throughout your business.