Channel 4 is like no other broadcaster – although it is largely commercially self-funded, it is ultimately publicly owned. Every Channel 4 viewer has a voice and every Channel 4 viewer deserves to be heard. Channel 4 wanted a way of listening to what their audiences had to say, posing questions to them in a forum that they trust and ultimately bring the voice of the Channel 4 viewer closer to the heart of the business to effectively aid decision making. A Maru/edr insight panel was the perfect platform to allow Channel 4 to do exactly that. The broadcaster’s panel fuses feedback with behavioural data providing robust insight to all areas of the business to support key business decisions.


Feedback fused with behavioural data fundamentally changed decision making process at broadcaster

Results directly influencing programme development decisions and on-demand services

Voice of the Viewer firmly at the heart of the business

Need a cost-saving Voice of the Customer program for your business?

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