SSP captures social media Voice of the Customer feedback in partnership with eDigitalResearch

May 13, 2014

ssp_logo_32939 (1)SSP, a leading operator of food and beverage outlets in travel locations worldwide, is actively capturing more feedback from social media users thanks to eDigitalResearch. The initiative will help to further enhance customers’ experiences by bringing the Voice of the Customer into the heart of the business.

SSP’s social media team is pro-actively encouraging SSP customers to provide more detailed feedback on their ‘in the moment’ experiences, capturing the Voice of social Customers. This feedback is then integrated into eDigitalResearch’s Customer Experience Management solution.

Feedback from social media users – including complaints, questions, ideas and positive comments – are filtered through in real-time to the relevant SSP customer service team to action there and then, helping to improve both individual and the overall SSP customer experience. Positive comments are also shared with relevant team members to help boost motivation  and increase staff engagement.

Advocates of SSP’s award winning brands – which include Upper Crust, Pumpkin and Camden food co. – who share their views through the Voice of the Customer survey are also invited to share positive SSP experiences with their online friends, spreading the word about SSP’s excellent customer service and recommending them to their social contacts.

As Lee Osborn, Head of UK Customer Experience at SSP, explains, “The response to our eDigitalResearch Voice of the Customer survey has been phenomenal. We wanted to capture the Voice of our Customers not just through the feedback survey but also include what was being said about our various food outlets across social media sites. By engaging with our social media team, we are able to proactively manage the experiences of our customers, sharing positive comments with staff and stepping in even more quickly and effectively if things do occasionally go wrong. The fact that our brand advocates are also able to share their positive experiences with their online friends through the eDigitalResearch Voice of the Customer system is a real added bonus as it all helps to build our brand and increase customer engagement”.

Derek Eccleston, Commercial Director at eDigitalResearch, comments, “Social Media has become an essential part of a brand’s engagement strategy for connecting with customers. By capturing not just customer feedback through in the moment surveys, but by integrating what customers also have to say to their online friends as well, SSP is able to bring the Voice of all Customers into the heart of the business, proactively managing their experiences and adapt their business accordingly to become a truly customer centric organisation”.

The eDigitalResearch SSP Voice of the Customer feedback programme was launched in the UK at the beginning of 2013 and rolled out internationally at the start of 2014. Since then, eDigitalResearch has managed over 100,000 responses from SSP customers in the past year alone, bringing the Voice of SSP Customers around the world into the heart of the business.