Social media sphere bouncing for launch of John Lewis Christmas advert

November 9, 2016

Anticipation is building for the Christmas phenomenon that is the John Lewis Christmas advert. @bouncing2016 has been tipped on Twitter as the teaser to the full length version which is expected to be released this Thursday 10th November.

Christmas ads are big business with UK advertisers set to spend a record £5.6bn this year in the run-up to Christmas, according to the latest figures from the Advertising Association and Warc. With the high level of investment retailers are competing to hit the mark with their offering, delivering a memorable experience that will hopefully equate to that all important share of wallet.

Maru/edr’s HUB Text Analytics tool shows that speculation has been building around what many believe are an insight into John Lewis’ efforts this year (@bouncing2016 and #BounceBounce) Consumers are looking forward to seeing the advert being revealed, using language such as ‘almost time’ and ‘please hurry’. According to our analysis, the Boxer dog featured is stealing the show, being mentioned more than either the space hopper or girl who also appear in the teaser.

There is also a lot of love being shared for the teaser with ’heart’ emoji featuring and signs that even a glimpse of a dog has some reaching for the tissues already. It will be interesting to see how reactions to this year’s advert compares to 2015’s #ManOnTheMoon where results showed that over five times as many people were positive then they were negative.

It’s fascinating to be able to explore reactions to marketing campaigns on social media, not only in terms of what people are saying but how they are feeling. Engaging with consumers on an emotional level is so important and HUB Text Analytics allows us to assess sentiment according to the situation – on the surface words such as ‘crying’ might be classified as negative, but we know the ‘tear jerking’ reaction is just what the creators were hoping for.

The analysis on #BounceBounce was generated using Maru/edr’s HUB Text Analytics tool – a revolutionary text analytics solution that combines a world-class engine with an interactive and intuitive interface, providing analysis on themes as well as sentiment. Maru/edr analysed 946 Twitter comments posted between a 24 hour period from Monday 7th November until Tuesday 8th November.