Setting ourselves up for the future

October 22, 2015

To ensure we continue to deliver leading-edge Voice of the Customer solutions, eDigitalResearch recently restructured their leadership team, including the appointment of two new board members. Managing Director Steve Brockway looks at how eDigitalResearch are securing a successful future by focusing on innovation, delivery and insight.

Yesterday was ‘Back to the Future’ day. As Dr. Emmett Brown once said, “Your future is whatever you make it”. At eDigitalResearch, it got us thinking; what does the future of Voice of the Customer programmes look like? Well, we’ve devised our own vision for the future.

As one of the leading technology and insight focused Voice of the Customer providers, we’re always looking to the future, testing new ideas and exploring ways to improve. In 2015, we’ve already announced a number of key expansions to our award-winning platform – including the launch of our revolutionary text analytics tool.

As a leading play-maker in the marketplace, we’re continually growing and developing; in the past six months alone, we’ve welcomed thirteen new faces to the eDigitalResearch family. And with this growth comes exciting new opportunities.

So what’s changing?

A clear focus on delivery and development

As eDigitalResearch’s new Managing Director, I’m delighted to welcome both Nada Gillard and Liz Boffey to our board of directors as Chief Product Officer and Chief Delivery Officer respectively. Already key members of the eDigitalResearch team, they share our passion and philosophy – that when we combine our bespoke SaaS technology, research know-how and commercially focused insight we offer something truly unique.

With our research and technical operations teams coming together to create one, collaborative delivery team, we’ll ensure we continue to delight our customers with our outstanding account management and bespoke technical solutions. Our agile way of working means that we can scale and adapt our programmes to ensure we deliver the best solutions and insight to our clients.

On the other side of the business sits our development team. As a digital research company who started way back during the infancy of the Internet, we’ve long been pioneering new Voice of the Customer technology. As new waves of technology have come along, we’ve innovated our toolset to create new and engaging ways for companies to listen to their customers – with the sudden burst of social media we developed insight panels and communities, while the continuous growth of mobile devices saw us invest in a mobile first feedback solution.

With our new development team in place – comprised of product managers, developers, designers and engineers – we will continue to innovate customer feedback solutions to bring something new and exciting to the marketplace. Our development roadmap is full to the brim of new ideas.

The cutting-edge of feedback technology

As leaders in our field, we’re already at the cutting-edge of Voice of the Customer technology.

But we want to do more.

With our new Chief Product Officer and Chief Delivery Officer in place, we have a clear vision for what the future of customer feedback will look like and the ability to create tailored programmes with lasting value for our clients.

We’d like to invite all our clients – plus anyone who’d like to join our list – to meet our team and hear all about our plans for the future. Contact us today to hear how our delivery and development teams can create a tailored customer feedback solution so you can listen, interpret and delight your customers.