Why security is our hottest policy

June 3, 2016

Earlier this month eDigitalResearch (edr) were accredited with the ISO27001 certification. With some of the UK’s leading brands suffering security breaches, eDigitalResearch’s (edr’s) Chief Technical Officer, Shane Wright explains why security is at the core of our business.

As a nation where the IoT and the future of technology is a welcomed promise of an easier life, the security risks are continually increasing and many business are still not doing enough to protect themselves against data breaches. Recent reports show that two thirds (65%) of large British businesses have been hit by a cyber-attack in the past year.

Security has never been so important. Recently there have been a number of high profile data breaches impacting heavily on brand reputation and profitability. Just last month TalkTalk reported that their profits have fallen by over 50% since their cyber-attack in 2015.

As we embark on our journey as part of MARU Group – a technology enabled professional services firm delivering information and insight – it means that the security of our data and technology is paramount.


Security focused from the start

For the past sixteen years eDigitalResearch (edr) have built hundreds of Voice of the Customer programmes, working with a wide range of clients globally – processing over 20 million responses per year. From day one we have understood that data protection is of upmost importance for us and our clients. From the get go we have operated a highly advanced security process along with a clear breach management plan should an incident occur.

Voice of the Customer programmes collect vast amounts of business data – actively used to make sometimes critical business decisions. When integrated with supporting information, such as customer details, this data becomes highly sensitive.

Technology may be at the core of eDigitalResearch (edr) but security is at the forefront of our business. The current cyber security landscape is distressing for many business’s considering the amount of cyber-attacks on high profile companies in recent years, one of the many reasons we decided to take a proactive approach to security and apply for the ISO standard.


What this accreditation says about us

Our recently awarded ISO27001 certification was no mean feat to achieve. The extensive audit process was conducted by the British Standards Institution (BSI) and is the highest recognised international standard for protecting sensitive and personal information.

Whilst our security procedures have always been diligent, this certification means that we conform to all of our clients safeguarding requirements, and then some. Achieving the ISO27001 standard – along with our growing list of safeguarding regulations – demonstrates our commitment to continually improving our security procedures.

This is another area that our clients needn’t worry about as their data is safe and secure in eDigitalResearch’s (edr’s) hands.