Netflix lead the way in social engagement

November 24, 2016

Netflix – the third ‘coolest’ brand of 2016 – is currently dominating the Twitter-sphere, generating more chatter and brand engagement than any other media provider. Maru/edr found the streaming site to be generating over four times as many individual mentions when compared with online competitors Amazon Prime, and two of the UK’s leading broadcast channels, the BBC and ITV.

Taking popular hashtags and key UK accounts attached to the respective brands, Maru/edr analysed Twitter activity across fifteen days in November. The results show Netflix claim 37% of the total mentions whilst ITV come a noticeably distant second with 9%, followed by the BBC and Amazon with only 3% and 1% respectively.

In accordance with similar research findings, where insight revealed emerging brands to be nurturing higher levels of loyalty than their long-established counterparts, it seems that Netflix is also following this trend. The analysis showed that Netflix had 28% more positive comments than the BBC and over 50% more comments that rated “very positive”, rather than simply “positive”. Coupled with the fact that from our experience we know that customer loyalty is driven predominantly by emotion, scoring highly in these sentiment categories reinforces the idea of a palpable link between emotion, customer engagement, and loyalty.

When it comes to Netflix, users talk about the “fantastic” service, how they find shows “deeply powerful” and how they are “totally in love” with new releases. In contrast, analysis shows that social conversations surrounding the BBC and ITV relate mainly to news headlines, which, expectedly, do not have the same level of emotion attached. This is likely a key reason why these brands do not see the same levels of social engagement. Instead, Netflix focus on their original series, building anticipations for popular show – such as recent releases The Crown and Gilmore Girls – to foster a higher level of social engagement.

Anna Ritchie, Research Director at Maru/edr, comments, “Once again we can see the rising importance of understanding a customer’s emotional engagement. For a long time, delivering a great customer experience was an entirely rational affair; the focus was price, range, convenience – those tangible elements that you could actually change. Now – as we become increasingly more demanding as customers and are almost overwhelmingly spoilt for choice – companies that can’t find the emotional connection are likely to be left behind.”

“At Maru/edr, our experience tells us that understanding the emotional response of customers is key to guaranteeing a slice of that increasing spend – the emotional reaction from customers combined with their expectation is what ultimately guides actions and behaviours.”


The theme and sentiment analyses were generated using Maru/edr’s HUB Text Analytics tool – an innovative text analytics solution that combines a world-class engine with an interactive and intuitive interface. The search was run from November 1st to November 15th 2016.

To find out more about how Maru/edr can analyse emotion and how the Text Analytics tool is run then please visit our Semiotics landing page.