Maru/edr expand Voice of the Customer offer with launch of visual semiotics solution to measure and quantify emotional reactions

July 12, 2016

Unlock the emotional response to brands and products allowing a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour and motivation

  • Effectively measure and quantify the nonconscious reaction to stimuli
  • Utilising Emotional Positioning SystemTM (EPS), proven and award winning visual semiotics research methodology
  • Fully integrated with Maru/edr surveys

Maru/edr have launched the first completely digital visual semiotics research tool so researchers can measure and quantify consumers’ emotional reactions faster, better and smarter than ever before.

Maru/edr’s unique visual semiotics solution reveals what consumers cannot or will not say through other research methodologies, uncovering how people really feel. The power of understanding emotional reactions has wide applications enabling the tool to be used to answer a broad spectrum of business questions to reveal the nonconscious reaction to varied stimuli, including but not limited to; images, logos, statements, written scenarios and short videos. Maru/edr’s semiotic tool is the ideal solution to test concepts, designs and communications or as part of any Voice of the Customer or panel programme to provide an additional layer of understanding into consumer behaviour and barriers to purchase.

The online method is fully integrated with Maru/edr’s leading survey platform offering the ability to quantify nonconscious responses and merge results with other quantitative data. This enhances a traditionally qualitative discipline by allowing for larger sample sizes and the ability to filter the results based on answers to other questions in the survey or known information about respondents such as segmentation, key demographics or other behavioural data.

By using Maru/edr’s survey platform answers are available immediately for analysis and interpretation by our skilled research professionals meaning businesses can expect results faster than ever before. Insights are drawn from a powerful combination of semiotic, quantitative and additional qualitative data providing the full picture to guide business decisions.

Crispin Boon, Client Insight Director at Maru/edr, comments, “We’re excited to introduce visual semiotics as the newest addition to our expanding product offering. Emotion has taken centre stage this year with many claiming 2016 to be the year of emotion, so it is fitting that we are able to offer businesses a way of quantifying and truly understanding consumers’ emotional response.

“Through integrating the Emotional Positioning SystemTM with our existing survey platform we are able to bring semiotics to businesses as part of a broader VOC solution and offer them a unique take on this thought-provoking discipline with the simplicity and speed of the solution only adding to its appeal”.

The visual semiotic solution is available now for all existing and new Maru/edr clients.

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