MARU: the future of market research

April 28, 2016

Back in late February, eDigitalResearch (edr) became part of MARU Group, a professional services firm combining technology with advisory insight. Group CTO and long-standing eDigitalResearch (edr) board member Shane Wright explains why MARU spells the future of market research.

Since 1999, at eDigitalResearch (edr) we’ve been pioneering digital research. We’ve worked with a whole range of clients in that time to measure and improve experiences across increasingly complex customer journeys.

Technology has always been at the core of what we do – with a talented team of both developers and researchers, we’ve built some of the most technically-advanced Voice of the Customer programmes in recent years.

But now we’re embarking on our latest company venture as a proud part of MARU Group – a technology enabled professional services firm delivering information and insight.

Who are MARU Group?

MARU Group is the vision of renowned market researcher Ged Parton. Having led global research agencies in the past, Ged was keen to create a professional services firm with technology in its DNA. Ged wanted to take technology focused feedback and combine it with deep thinking and an emphasis on actionable outputs for organisations.

That’s when Ged came across us at eDigitalResearch (edr). Unlike other research firms out there, all the technology we use is our own. It means that we can create customised and very flexible Voice of the Customer programmes – and perhaps more importantly, develop constant strategic improvements to keep our technology at the forefront of insight innovation and consumer expectations.

Insight technology can help improve accuracy and deliver results faster. We’ll always need people to interpret data, delivery insight and bring results to life, technology gives people faster and more accurate data giving them more time to focus on the things technology can’t do.

Ged’s aim and vision matches exactly what we’ve been striving to achieve at eDigitalResearch (edr). In sixteen years, we’ve built a company which has over 150 employees and operate over 200 Voice of the Customer prorgammes.

And now, our technology will form the backbone to MARU Group’s technology ecosystem. Our platform will be a core component as we build upon MARU’s vision to bring smart technology with advisory insight together – and our platform will become even better, richer and wider as we build other capabilities into our offering with the group’s expansion.

What does MARU mean?

MARU is all about changing the rules of the game – and inspired in part by Star Trek’s Kobayshi Maru’s famous ‘no win’ test. It’s a concept that MARU Group holds close to its heart and is fundamental to the overall aim and vision for our technology ecosystem.

MARU also has links to Japanese culture, often attached to ship names thanks to its translation as both ‘round’ and ‘correct’. For a company with technology in its DNA and embarking on a journey of international growth, the name MARU seems especially appropriate.

Taking inspiration from both of these meanings, we intend to redefine the world’s view as to what research can be.

We’ll operate at the intersection of marketing, information, analytics and insight with a promise to provide fast yet strategic insights.

MARU Group is a new enterprise looking to shape the future of market research and professional services – and we’re excited to be a part of it.