Infographic: Trends you need to know to sell more online

July 17, 2014

infographic TrendsUnderstanding online consumers is key to selling more online, this infographic shows you the trends you need to know to sell more online.

As Voice of the Customer specialists, we’ve listened to what online grocery shoppers have to say – everything from what they buy, how they buy and what they think should be improved to better the online grocery experience.

We’ve dug deep into what they’ve got to say to understand how they shop and how you can influence digital purchase journeys and sell more online.

Far fewer impulse purchases made online than in-store is leading to smaller basket sizes and a decrease in sales. This is causing a huge headache for supermarkets and FMCG suppliers alike.

But, our insight reveals that there is huge opportunity for FMCG brands and suppliers to better influence purchase journeys and sell more online.

Download our infographic for exclusive insight understand how you can impact online grocery purchase and ultimately sell more.