Getting the most from your customer experience management programme

October 7, 2015

For a brand or business, improving your customer experience is often a daunting task. As part of our weeklong blog series for National Customer Service week, we explore how to ensure your customer experience programme is providing a real return on investment.

Taking an active step towards improving your customer experience can often be an overwhelming task. Numerous pieces of the puzzle – such as collecting feedback, staff engagement, sharing of results around the business – all need to work perfectly in tandem in order to successfully bring about change and improvement across your business’s customer experience.

It’s why almost always, businesses turn to Customer Experience Management and Voice of the Customer providers for guidance, help and support. But how can you ensure that your Customer Experience Management provider will provide you with a real return on investment?

Managing goodwill gestures

As part of many compliant management systems and closed-loop feedback programmes, companies often empower their staff not only with a tool to proactively reach out to customers, but also to offer unhappy customers compensation to help resolve issues.

With eDigitalResearch’s integrated gesture management tool, companies can now monitor and analyse goodwill gestures as part of their customer recovery process. People around the business can now see what branches are costing them the most when it comes to compensation resolution, what products or service caused the most headaches and even what individuals are draining your compensation resources.

The tool can even determine what goodwill gesture has the most positive – yet cost-effective- impact on unhappy customers; it means you can resolve issues and improve the customer experience safe in the knowledge that you’re likely to see a return on investment.

Why happy customers are good news for business

Running some of the biggest Voice of the Customer programmes out there, at eDigitalResearch, we’ve seen first-hand the positive impact listening, interpreting and delighting customers with engaging Customer Experience Management programmes can have on a business – in fact, we picked up our latest award just a couple of weeks ago with our client Yodel for the transformation they’ve made to their business since introducing their eDigitalResearch programme ‘Have Your Say’.

And Yodel aren’t the only clients to have seen their customer satisfaction, brand advocacy rating and even average spend rate rise as a result of introducing Customer Experience Management programmes into their business – a whole host of eDigitalResearch clients have made real improvements to their business that are genuinely having a positive effect on their bottom line.

Focusing on outcomes, not just measurement

To really see a return on investment, it’s important that businesses focus on outcomes, not just measurement. Turning results into action is key – whether that’s dealing with individual requests and queries, to implementing strategic improvements across a business.

At eDigitalResearch, we’re all about commercially-lead, actionable insight – it’s at the core of what we do. And when combined with our real-time alerts system and closed-loop feedback solution, its why so many of our clients see a clear return on investment when they partner with us.

Find out more about Yodel’s remarkable business transformation by downloading the case study