Fat Face increase employee engagement since introduction of eDigitalResearch Voice of the Customer programme

November 30, 2015


Lifestyle fashion retailer Fat Face have increased their employee engagement levels within the past year according to the latest case study from leading insight organisation eDigitalResearch.

Service is a key differentiator for Fat Face in a competitive retail market – it is essential that Fat Face store staff are empowered to deliver outstanding service every day.

Since the introduction of their Voice of the Customer feedback programme ‘Tell Fat Face’ in 2014 – a real-time closed-loop feedback platform – Fat Face have integrated a number of new employee initiatives to ensure all staff can better understand the importance of great service – brand advocacy is a key performance indicator for all staff.

Tell Fat Face has fundamentally changed the way the business engages with its staff; great service is now fully engrained in their brand culture.  Real-time results are shared around the business via companywide dashboards which allow Fat Face’s frontline staff to continuously monitor their store experience, benchmark performance, celebrate success with staff when things go well and share best practice with others.

Staff engagement is a fundamental factor in an effective Customer Experience Management programme which is why Fat Face ensure great service is recognised within the business. Since the introduction of their ‘Famous for Service’ award system, each staff member who is praised in customer feedback is awarded with their own celebration mug – to date Fat Face have awarded over 350 mugs.

Kirsten Pottinger, Head of Retailer Operations Wholesale & Concessions at Fat Face comments, “We choose to work with eDigitalResearch on the basis they have really solid experience in this field across a number of highly regarded brands, but above all we were keen to work with their team due to their lovely people, great culture and brand fit”.

Steve Brockway, Managing Director at eDigitalResearch added, “The Tell Fat Face programme demonstrates how truly listening to customers and staff can have an overwhelming positive effect on your business and delight the people you serve. Since the introduction of Tell Fat Face, Fat Face have transformed their employee engagement programme”.

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