ESOMAR: The importance of culture context

September 18, 2014

esomar_member2Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to grace the streets of Nice as I took part in the annual ESOMAR congress, rubbing shoulders with a host of fellow researchers from across the globe.

At eDigitalResearch, we’re increasingly working with our range of blue-chip clients to listen to their customers across the globe. From Brazil to Hong Kong, our clients are going global and so are we.

Keep it in context

The key message from the three day event was reiterating the importance of culture context.

We all know that cultures differ around the world – language that is offensive to some can often be humorous to others. Or an image might be seen as suitable for some audiences could cause up-roar in other countries.

At eDigitalResearch, we believe that your customer feedback programme should be an extension of your brand. We work with our international clients to ensure that their research channels are engaging and suitable for audiences across the globe – everything from imagery to language and tone needs to be taken into account.

To support our global operations, our team of multi-lingual, multi-cultural researchers have the knowledge and know-how to understand how and where changes can and should be made.

Utilising advanced geo location technology, our in-house survey system is able to pinpoint worldwide respondents. It means that when someone starts to complete one of our clients’ surveys, we can identify where in the world they are and offer them a survey that is engaging, appropriate and culturally correct.

Global solutions

Our unique set up of passionate researchers and technical experts all under one roof means that we’re able to turn any of our research solutions into international programmes – from simple feedback surveys to research panels and communities and bespoke Customer Experience Management programmes.

We firmly believe that in order to truly listen to the Voice of the Global customer, you need to allow international customers to feed back in their own words – our multi-language survey tool and flexible reporting outputs can be adapted for any language across the globe thanks to our multi-lingual team – who speak a range of languages – and our global knowledge.

Digital Insight Network

As part of our growing international work, we’re currently in the process of looking for like-minded agencies to join our global peer network.

For more information please contact us by emailing or calling us onĀ +44 (0) 1489 772920.