Epicentre of the car world – the strength of the UK market

May 16, 2017

As the amount of new vehicles registered continues to show signs of growth, the UK has established itself part at the heart of this vibrant sector. Maru/edr’s industry expert, Luke Gould, explores the power of progress in the UK automotive market.

The booming new car market registered a record 2.69 million vehicles in 2016, along with a record breaking 562,337 cars registered during the 17-plate change in March of this year. So how have the Brits kept ahead in this new era of motoring?

The power of progress

Innovative technology has led the way within the industry, with advances made in safety feature, electric vehicles, fuel enhancements and the potential for driverless cars! Understanding the current market and being seen to develop these areas will continue to showcase British expertise.

UK dealers have kept up with the digital customer by enhancing online experiences and understanding the need to capture feedback across all channels. Multi touchpoint customers have led this change within the industry, with most customers going online to understand vehicle specs before entering the showroom, whilst also having the capability to now complete the entire purchase online!

Important role to be played by the UK

As a major centre for car and engine production, with one of the largest new car markets in Europe and one of the world’s biggest economies, Britain needs to be ahead of the curve within the sector.

With Jaguar showing that a British automaker can take on and beat the world’s biggest, wealthiest and most talented rival manufacturers to the coveted ‘World Car of the Year’ award, the UK market shows a good grounding already.

Safety technology, such as advancements with automated emergency braking, are being developed in English locations. ‘World Car Design of the Year’ titles are also being won by cars created in the midlands. Britain is showing its worth in a sector that will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

Cars in the capital

With the relaunch of the historic London Motor Show, we finally have a stage to present our developments, whilst also being proud to officially launch products from across the globe. With the UK playing such an important role in the automotive industry worldwide, it is imperative to have a place in the international motoring calendar.

I was proud to see the show grow in the last 12 months and the exhibits this year showed the buzz within the UK. Hopefully, it can continue to do so as it will fill the huge gap that has been missing for many years.

With our expertise in helping clients capture customer feedback, Maru/edr understands the need to establish the customer journey, pain points and ability to monitor the experience. The tangible outputs created from programmes has allowed companies to make this transition seamlessly. Ask me how this can work for you!


Luke Gould is the automotive expert at Maru/edr, working on Voice of the Customer solutions for the Consumer Services & B2B industries. Connect with him on LinkedIn or email him directly at Luke.Gould@maruedr.com