Empower your staff, improve your business

October 9, 2015

Serving customers with great experiences deserves recognition. This week, as part of the Institute of Customer Service’s National Customer Service Week, we’re exploring key customer service topics to help brands of all shapes and sizes to improve their customer service and put their organisation ahead of the competition.

Today, we look at the importance of staff recognition.

Listening to your customers

Firstly, actively listening to your customers is key to acknowledging great service within the business. By enlisting the help of a real-time closed look feedback system, you can truly listen to your customers, see where staff went above and beyond and see where recognition is deserved.

We run a number of Voice of the Customer programmes created bespoke for your business needs – which enable customers to give feedback instantly on any device – from the products on offer to the service they received from staff.

Used for staff celebration, real-time dashboards are able to monitor branch performance or drill down to an individual level enabling businesses to celebrate when things go well.

Recognition is an important part of staff engagement – and without staff engagement, Voice of the Customer programmes are likely to fail.

Celebrating great customer service in your organisation

We know how tough it can sometimes be serving increasingly demanding customers on the frontline. The little things can make the biggest impact on your attitude and being recognised for your hard work and great service feels amazing.

It is fantastic to see just how many customers recognise great service in our feedback surveys. We’ve seen first-hand what a difference a great attitude and a friendly smile can have on the customer experience; a thank you from customers who appreciate and recognise the effort made can go a long way and providing an engaging outlet to encourage ‘thank you’s’ is key to driving staff morale and increasing motivation.

Recognition isn’t just about celebrating top performers however recognising the most improved members of staff allows everyone across the business to engage in your Voice of the Customer programme.

Our real-time dashboards allow you to celebrate improvement, as well as successes, meaning branches that have increased their performance but may not be top of the league table within their area can also be praised for their hard work.

We also offer staff communities, allowing staff to join in discussions with one another, answer questions, participate in polls and suggest ideas which could help the brand perform better.

But it’s not just customers who should get involved with rewarding staff – it’s important all staff, irrelevant of their job titles, recognise great service.

How to reward great staff

Rewarding staff can range from small things like being shown or sent positive feedback to receiving rewards or gifts – many of our clients go as far as integrating customer feedback into bonus schemes.

Here at eDigitalResearch we have an internal reward system where we can nominate a colleague for a ‘Brick’ – a selection of colourful little building blocks – which are awarded when our staff go above and beyond their duties which represent our internal values.

Over the past five years, we’ve achieved more in employee engagement than any other small business in the country. We’re widely recognised as the best digital insight agency to work for and are particularly renowned for our staff wellbeing and learning and development.

It means that we truly understand employee engagement and are on hand to advise you how to engage with your staff and stakeholders.

Here are a few ways you could recognise staff for their hard work:

  • Extra days off
  • Flexible working hours
  • Trips away
  • Staff events (curry nights, office breakfasts, BBQ’s)
  • Celebration gifts (mugs, parking spaces, aprons, badges)
  • Recognition wall or social media page
  • Positive feedback shared daily via email or in morning meetings

The list of possibilities are endless but above all, if your staff are doing something amazing, tell them!