eDigitalResearch partner with Lexalytics on real-time text analytics solution

September 30, 2014

edr and lexalyticsVoice of the Customer specialist eDigitalResearch has partnered with Lexalytics, foremost provider of text and sentiment analysis software, to develop an industry leading real-time text analytics tool.

By utilising and integrating Lexalytics Salience text analysis engine into eDigitalResearch‘s own HUB system, the partnership will provide clients with a real-time, secure solution for understanding what customers are saying across the globe.

Able to analyse comments from survey responses to social media – in fact any form of free text –eDigitalResearch‘s HUB Text Analytics will provide the power and platform to really delve deep into customer comments, monitor what is being said and alert brands and businesses of any emerging trends to help stay ahead of the competition.

Derek Eccleston, Commercial Director at eDigitalResearch, comments, “We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Lexalytics. We chose to partner with Lexayltics as by combining their outstanding technology with our own systems and exceptional research support, we believe we’re able to offer something completely different and unique – an accurate, real-time text analytics solution that provides tangible outputs, including store or unit level dashboards – to really put brands in complete control of their customer experiences”.

Seth Redmore, VP Marketing at Lexalytics, says “Between our two companies we have well over twenty years of providing best-in-class customer insights.  We’re really excited to be working with a partner that has the rich knowledge and real-world experience in building innovative, useful systems that help improve profitability. Our Salience Engine is a great text analytics engine, and it really shines when used by organizations like eDigitalResearch that have the experience and knowledge to best guide their customers in how to use text mining to produce truly actionable results.”