eDigitalResearch add developments to mobile-first feedback solution

May 28, 2015


Leading Voice of the Customer specialist eDigitalResearch has announced leading-edge developments to their mobile-first feedback solution.

eDigitalResearch have long been at the forefront of mobile optimised feedback and pioneered some of the very first mobile site experience surveys, as well as supporting clients with app based feedback and mobile benchmarking since 2010.

Now, eDigitalResearch have launched the latest in their mobile-first solution and created a new mobile site deployment methodology. Visitors using mobiles to access the sites of eDigitalResearch’s clients will now experience the latest in mobile feedback technology thanks to the company’s new mobile functionality – eDigitalResearch have moved away from traditional mobile survey deployment methods and towards automatic triggers and mobile overlays.

The news comes just weeks after the roll-out of Google’s mobile friendly update. Mobile friendly sites are now boosted above their non-optimised counterparts in Google’s mobile search results – it means now more than ever, a leading mobile customer experience is key.

Alexandra Grist, Mobile Product Manager at eDigitalResearch, comments, “Mobile optimisation has been key to many brand’s overall digital strategy over the past few years as we’ve watched the popularity of digital devices grow – in fact, since late 2012, we’ve seen a surge in response rates from mobile devices for eDigitalResearch surveys. However, thanks to Google’s latest update to their search engine, a great mobile experience is now vital. Fail to fully optimise your site and visitor numbers could very realistically start to drop off as your search ranking depletes.

“Our latest deployment to our mobile-first feedback solution means that visitors to sites can now quickly, easily and seamlessly tell our clients how they really rate their mobile offering. Like the majority of other digital feedback programmes, users are invited to take part in research thanks to survey invites. However, where our solution differs is the next step. A small overlay then appears towards the side of the screen allowing visitors to complete their online shopping experience without any distractions and complete the survey when they’re ready. It allows brands to capture immediate feedback and continuously improve to ensure their site is always mobile – and Google – ready”.

Like all eDigitalResearch solutions, the latest mobile deployment methodology can be completely tailored for individual client needs. The overlay is available across all devices, not just mobile, providing an integrated and consistent approach to capturing site feedback.

The latest development follows on from the introduction of eDigitalResearch’s Beacon solution just a few weeks ago – the company became the first Voice of the Customer provider to successfully integrate Beacon deployment into feedback programmes.