Managing experiences saves over £250k

And it’s helping Lloyds Banking Group increase satisfaction and improve experiences

The challenge

Customer loyalty and brand equity is built one experience at a time. But nurturing loyalty is time consuming and just one bad experience can lose a customer all together – so how do you ensure your customers have a great experience with you each and every time?

The solution

An extensive Customer Experience Management program allows you to take control of your customer’s experiences with you one at a time. From individuals to your entire customer base, understand wants, needs and behaviours and proactively take action to keep your customer loyalty above your competitors.

Empower your staff to take control and delight your customers.

It is well known that satisfied customers will stay loyal to you and increase their spend while dissatisfied customers will leave unhappy and unlikely to return. Integrate our flexible Voice of the Customer surveys with real-time reporting and intervention to connect your customers with your business and stay in control of their experiences. Our advanced Customer Experience Management programs also support customer journey mapping, big data integration and multi-lingual operations for a global solution.

It’s the only way to drive change for all customers and ensure a better all-round customer experience.


Our award-winning Customer Experience Management programs work to achieve a range of business needs thanks to their flexibility and tailoring.


  • Effectively capture feedback with engaging Voice of the Customer surveys
  • Map complex customer journey’s and pinpoint opportunities to delight
  • Improve individual experiences by intervening in real-time with a closed-loop complaint management system

  • Celebrate success with staff and share best practice easily across your whole business
  • Drive consistent and seamless experiences across a growing range of touch points
  • Effectively manage what customers are saying about your brand on social media and minimise negative comments


  • Monitor experiences across the leisure customer journey – from booking to arriving back home
  • Be known for great experiences by driving a seamless experience across sites and locations
  • Improve individual experiences using a closed-loop complaints management system

  • Capture feedback from anywhere in the world and see how your performance compares across countries
  • Make great experiences a way of working – from frontline staff to head office decision makers
  • Turn big data into insight by integrating feedback with other sources – including sales and CRM


  • Acquire new customers by creating great experiences your customers will shout about
  • Identify the best and worst moments across your customer journey – and develop business improvement plans to put things right
  • Ensure your business and people meet stringent industry regulations and take immediate action when they don’t

  • Identify improvements with clear ROI
  • Make smarter business decisions and invest based on priorities by quantifying feedback
  • Act customer first with new products and services that meet clear customer needs


  • Grow your customer base by creating great experiences people will shout about
  • Capture feedback in the moments that matter to really understand how you perform across complex customer journey’s
  • Turn detractors into promoters by intelligently identifying unhappy customers and actively step in to resolve issues

  • Share results effectively around your business to embed the Voice of the Customer
  • Make great experiences a Way of Working by empowering employees to take informed action based on feedback
  • Monitor the Voice of the Social Customer and act on emerging trends to become the best service provider


  • Map sometimes complex customer journey and identify key moments to focus improvements
  • Create great experiences by focusing on areas that will make a real difference
  • Turn feedback into action by getting feedback into the right hands at the right time

  • Cut website issues and resolve problems faster with intelligent technology that identifies the issue and alerts the right person to fix
  • Reduce churn by identifying unhappy customers and managing their experience
  • Ensure your new customer experience is as seamless as it can be


Understand how a Customer Experience Management program would benefit you – whether you are tasked with improving all experiences or need to know how your customers feel in the moments that matter.

Business Leaders

Act customer first by giving your staff the tools and knowledge to improve individual experiences on a daily basis

Customer Experience

Empower staff from across your business to take control of experiences and turn improvement into a way of working



Guide and coach employees to offer the best experience possible using customer feedback to identify and share best practices


Understand how customer feel across complex customer journeys and use our industry experts to understand where and how improvements can make the biggest difference

The leaders in Voice of the Customer technology

Technology to empower your staff

Use the very latest insight and feedback technology and tools to deliver a Customer Experience Management program for your business that delivers on every level.

Pick and choose the right technology you need to create a Customer Experience Management solution built for your business needs.

Multi-lingual surveys

Listen to your customers in the moments that matter Optimised for both touch points and languages, our Voice of the Customer survey tool will help you to effectively reach out and listen to your customers. And when integrated with the world’s first digital semiotics tool, you will also quickly and easily understand your customer’s emotions

Data integration

Fuse data with feedback for a better understanding Bring feedback and big data together – from store footfall to customer information – so that informed decisions in the moments that matter. Integrated results are available to view in real-time, including our personalised dashboards

Text analytics

Act on unsolicited feedback Our text analytics tool takes all the hard work out of verbatim analysis by quickly and effectively turning the unstructured Voice of the Customer into action. Use in conjunction with our closed-loop technology and survey tool for a complete Customer Experience Management solution


Spread the Voice of the Customer effectively around your business We know that getting the right data to the right people at the right time is key to keeping your brand ahead of the competition. Spread the story behind your data quickly and effectively with your personalised, engaging and real-time dashboard tailored for every level of your business

Closed-loop feedback

Empower staff to take action Automatically detect unhappy customers and send complaints to the right person in the right way in your business to help and take action. Our closed-loop tool can be integrated with a range of solutions – from Voice of the Customer surveys to site feedback buttons and text analytics data

Analysis and Reporting

Real-time data interrogation and analysis Explore data and travel you performance using HUB, our insight and analysis portal – we’ll even fuse feedback with supporting customer data so you have the whole picture when making important business decisions

Empower business decisions through customer insight

Focus on action

We’re not just focused on measurement. We’re focused on outcomes.

Our insight team are fully trained across a range of research methodologies. They can be as hands on as you need and involved in survey design, employee engagement and insight and reporting.

Journey mapping

Understand the complex journeys customers take across channels Map multiple customer journeys across touchpoints and identify key moments where investment and improvements will bring you the greatest return

Actionable insight

Commercial insight to drive business change By adding context to what your customers are saying, our industry experts will turn insight into a clear business improvement plan built for your business sector

Understand emotion

Tap into subconscious decision making Use science and proven technology to understand how your customers really feel and tap into their subconscious decision making to make improvements your competitors are not aware of. Our Emotional Positioning System tool is the very first digital semiotics technology and makes understanding emotions quick and reliable

Employee engagement

Turn great experiences into a way of working We understand employee engaagement and are on hand to advise how to engage with your staff and stakeholders. We’ll even work with key team members to ensure your bespoke Customer Experience Management solution works for everyone in your business.

Advanced analytics

Proven research techniques for informed business decisions Every member of our research team goes through extensive, certified training to ensure they are well versed when it comes to various research methodologies – including advanced and predictive analytics

Award-winning support

A flexible and agile approach to account service When you choose to partner with Maru/edr, you will enter into a mutually beneficial partnership with an operations, services and support specialists available to ensure your Customer Experience Management program delivers continuous results for your business

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