The power of employee feedback: Are you missing insight from a valuable resource?

With the threat of auto-compensation looming, it’s never been so important to get the customer experience right for broadband and landline suppliers. Maru/edr’s Technology, Media and Telecoms specialist Melanie Lewis explores how engaged colleagues can help develop processes that work for customers and businesses alike.   We’ve all been there; waiting at home for an […]

Influencing mobile upgrades; the opportunity to turn a winning digital experience into revenue

With eighty percent of the UK population now in possession of a smartphone, handset manufacturers, networks and retailers are always looking for new ways to acquire customers. Following the recent release of Samsung’s latest flagship device, Maru/edr’s specialist for Telecomms, Media and Technology explores the latest mobile upgrade behaviour and how all involved in the […]

Customer Experience vs Customer Expectation

Unrealistic expectations can ruin travel experiences. Customer Experience vs Customer Expectation is a big barrier in the travel and hospitality sector. Gary Howes, Business Development Manager at Maru/edr takes a look at the subject following the ABTA conference on Customer Insight in the Travel Industry. I had the pleasure of attending the ABTA conference on Customer […]