Opinion: ASOS’s partnership with start-ups cements its commitment to customer experience

May 10, 2016

ASOS announced their latest digital venture last week teaming up with start-ups with the sole aim to improve their customer experience. Crispin Boon explores ASOS’s current leading online customer journey and what this means for the future of digital customer experiences.

For the past sixteen years, ASOS has been continually re-defining online retail.

As arguably one of Britain’s biggest start-up success stories, ASOS are now turning to new start-up companies to help improve its customer experience.

The call from ASOS has ruled out the use of technology that others are turning to for innovation – such as 3D printing and wearable tech. Instead, ASOS wants to focus efforts on “making the customer experience easier, more enjoyable and more personalised”.

Customer focused from the beginning

ASOS have often led where others followed.

Launched in 2000, ASOS become the UK’s first pure-play fashion retailer.

Since then, they’ve continually innovated and redefined the digital customer experience.

In 2006, ASOS became the first online retailer to introduce catwalk videos for its product pages – a feature that is so liked by online shoppers that catwalk videos are now commonplace on almost all fashion sites.

Their first mobile site generation scored top marks in the very first mobile eRetail Benchmark from eDigitalResearch (edr) back in 2010 while their combined digital experience across web, mobile and app came a close second in the first multichannel benchmark in early 2012.

And now ASOS have risen through the ranks again to top the latest digital experience report from eDigitalResearch (edr) with a top satisfaction score of 90%.

What makes ASOS’s digital customer experience so great?

Shoppers already love ASOS’s navigation and purchase experience – as one of the first retailers (again) to integrate social media into their registration process, the whole purchase journey is quick and hassle-free, while their detailed, yet clear, navigational links make sifting through their vast range of products simple and easy.

ASOS navigation pageASOS social sign in

But their great digital experience doesn’t stop there – ASOS continue to delight shoppers from start to finish. Their homepage is second only to fashion rival New Look while their great keyword search experience falls just .1% behind leaders Notonthehighstreet.com


Users loved their accurate predictive text and alongside a matching number of relevant search terms clearly indicating what volume and amount of products are available.

A digital customer experience for the future

At the beginning of this year, eDigitalResearch’s (edr’s) group of retail experts sat down and pulled together key trends we believe will shape the digital customer experience in 2016.

While the jury is still out on exactly what technology ASOS’s start-up collaboration will bring, our trends focused away from disruptive technology – such as 3D printing and wearables – and towards better utilising some of the technology already on our doorstep to improve the customer experience – just like ASOS.

Suggestions surrounding ASOS’s new start-up partnership already include helping customers find products more easily, helping ASOS better understand and reward their customers and fulfilling orders faster and easier.

But we wouldn’t be surprised to see ASOS capitalise on the growing popularity of video further with features such as video reviews, grow their already renowned delivery proposition and increase their use of social media – ASOS chief executive Nick Beighton has already disclosed the company was trialling ‘buy button’s’ on a number of social platforms.

Download the Future of eRetail Report 2016.