Almost half of Amazon Prime customers set for Prime Day

July 14, 2015


  • Almost half (42%) of Amazon Prime customers to make a purchase on Prime Day
  • Over a third (33%) of Prime customers purchase more during sales events
  • Over half (53%) of all online shoppers are aware of Prime Day

Almost half (42%) of Amazon Prime customers are planning to make a purchase tomorrow (15th July) during the very first UK Amazon Prime Day, according to the latest consumer research from eDigitalResearch.

Of the 2,000 online consumers surveyed, over half (53%) have heard of the upcoming sales extravaganza, with awareness rising to a staggering 75% amongst Amazon Prime customers alone.

Amazon’s first Prime Day in the UK is being billed as bigger than Black Friday and promises Prime customers exclusive deals across Amazon’s vast array of products during the one-day sales event. Amazon have been promoting the day across various media outlets and online platforms.

With almost half (42%) of Prime customers ready and raring to shop on Prime Day, another 45% were unsure about whether they’d buy or not on the day – suggesting that the majority of Prime customers are set to monitor the day’s deals before clicking buy.

According to the results, one-day sales events also have a significant influence over consumer’s purchasing decisions; 13% of those surveyed said they often purchase more than intended during one day sales events – a figure that increases to an impressive 34% when looking at Amazon Prime customers only.

Chris Russell, Chairman at eDigitalResearch and Visiting Professor of Digital Consumers at University College London, comments, “After the overwhelming success of Black Friday for retailers like Amazon, it’s not surprising that they’re trying to re-capture a surge in sales with the first ever UK Prime Day. Our results show that the one-day event is likely to have a real impact on the purchase decisions of Amazon Prime customers and will more likely than not, be hailed a success”.

However, while the majority of Prime customers surveyed feel that one-day sales events such as Prime Day and Black Friday are a good idea, some are more negative towards these types of sales events. A handful felt that Prime Day was an opportunity for Amazon to shift unwanted stock, while others feel retailers manipulate them into buying certain products.

Chris continues, “With their clear discounting and stock information, Amazon have always managed to work with a shoppers emotions in order to evoke positive buying behaviour. With Prime Day, they’re appealing to our fear of missing out, as well as our need to grab a bargain. However, it’s clear that for some shoppers, these sorts of shopping events have a negative emotional reaction and could potentially harm the image of the brand”.