9 ways to integrate feedback and add more value to your data

Nada Gillard

March 3, 2016

Towards the end of 2015, we launched our Integration Challenge and asked a whole host of clients and contacts to challenge our technical team to integrate Voice of the Customer feedback with a range of complimentary data. Here, Chief Product Officer Nada Gillard explores what we’ve been up to in that time and how we’re helping clients to add real value to their data.

In October 2015, we launched the eDigitalResearch (edr) Integration Challenge. Thanks to our growing technical capabilities, we can integrate customer feedback with a range of supporting data – and we asked our clients and contacts what third party data solutions they’d want their customer feedback integrated with to give them one, unified customer view.

We know that businesses are often inundated with data – there have never been so many ways to measure, track and understand customers. Keeping on top of all these data sources can be hard work, especially when it comes to knowing what action to take and when. It’s why we encourage clients to integrate eDigitalResearch (edr) feedback with a number of third party solutions for a single view of their customer experience, helping to make sense and prioritise opportunities.

Since the start of our integration challenge, we’ve been busy exploring ways to add more value to feedback data and have already integrated with a range of third party solution providers across a variety of various platforms.

1. Session Replay

Digital channels are becoming increasingly important in this technology-driven world – and site feedback is an invaluable way of capturing digital customers likes and dislikes, as well as identifying pain points in the digital journey.

But site feedback really comes to life when it’s integrated with Session Replay footage – being able to watch a customer’s online journey and overlay vital feedback is a fantastic way of pinpointing exactly what went well and where something could have gone wrong. You’ll be able to watch a site visitor’s session with an understanding of how they felt about that particular experience giving you greater context to what needs improving.

eDigitalResearch and Sessioncam integration

2. Video

Video is a great way of conveying emotion – there’s nothing more powerful than being able to see a customer’s reaction first hand.

At eDigitalResearch (edr) we can integrate any Voice of the Customer data – from real-time in store feedback to panels and communities – with video facilities so you can not only capture the key details but also better understand the actual effect this has had on a particular customer experience.

Video is also a powerful way of sharing the Voice of Customer with others in the business – we find that for a lot of stakeholders, seeing really is believing.

3. CRM

Knowing all that you can about your customers is key to building engaging relationships and creating a sense of loyalty.

It’s why we integrate customer feedback with CRM systems – it means that when dealing with individual scenarios, especially in those situations when things might not have gone to plan, teams have all the information they need to reconnect with customers and improve experiences.

4. Social media in real-time

Every minute of every day, hundreds of thousands of conversations are happening online – over half a million tweets are sent, 300,000 updates are made to Facebook statuses and 123,000 images are posted to Instagram in an average Internet minute.

By integrating feedback with social media, you can build those conversations into your existing Voice of the Customer programme and customer experience mind set. Social media channels are treated like most other customer touch points by brands dedicating resource, developing strategies and building lasting relationships. Yet many fail to integrate these channels into their Customer Experience Management programme and miss key opportunities to put their brand ahead of the competition. By listening to social customers and integrating comments into existing analysis, you’ll get the whole picture of how people are perceiving your brand.

Real-time social media analysis

5. Site analytics

Like Session Replay, integrating site feedback with analytics data is a great way to develop your understanding of what online customers want and put results into context.

By combining both analytics and feedback, you’ll be able to merge behavioural and emotional data together. While analytics will document exactly how a customer behaved on your site, feedback will tell you the real impact the site visit had on their overall experience and perhaps importantly how customers think you could improve. By combining analytics with feedback, you’ll have a complete view of your online customers.

6. Reviews

Reviews are a key part of any online customer journey these days, but they are rarely integrated and combined into a much larger Customer Experience programme – instead, some brands seem to be trading off one over the other.

But reviews are an important part of any digital strategy and why we’ve developed a number of ways to work alongside review providers – including full integration – to maximise the respondent experience as well as the effectiveness of both customer experience programmes and customer reviews. By passing reviewing data into a Voice of the Customer programme, ratings and comments can be fully analysed alongside more in-depth feedback and really empower businesses to make informed decisions.

7. IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

We know that when picking an IVR solution provider, you’ll have picked the very best one for your business. But each business is different – and that’s why we made the decision to keep our IVR integration options completely open. It means that you’ll be able to integrate and capture customer feedback with your existing IVR provider, making the whole process as simple and seamless as possible.

8. EPOS till systems

Pinpointing operational store or unit feedback is key to improving – by knowing exactly when, where and who was involved in a particular individual experience could be key to capturing negative situations before they escalate.

We’re able to integrate Voice of the Customer programmes with existing EPOS till systems through unique URLs or even individualised QR codes printed on receipts – and with closed loop feedback and dashboards, staff on the ground will be able to resolve issues as they happen. It also means that when it comes to analysing certain situations, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision on how to improve – including precise details on where, where and exactly what customers purchased.

9. Any open API

Thanks to our in-house technical expertise, we’re able to integrate any eDigitalResearch (edr) feedback with any number of other external data sources. We can take any solution providers API and marry it with our system so they talk to each other in the right way – and at the right time.

Partnering with eDigitalResearch (edr) and our technology means you’ll never be locked down – we’re continuously expanding our capabilities and are always on the lookout for a new challenge. And by combining data, you’ll get to really see what’s going on across your business – and all in real-time.

Add value to your data by integrating feedback for a single customer view. Join our integration challenge today by contacting us.