20:20 Customer Experience Summit; turning data into action to improve customer experiences in an agile world

July 22, 2014

802717-440x325The eDigitalResearch team have been back in the office for two weeks now from the 20:20 Customer Experience Summit – and we’re still digesting everything that happened!

Events like these are a fantastic opportunity to get out of the office and listen to what the experts (including those at eDigitalResearch) have to say.

Firstly, it was so exciting to see so many like-minded people who are as passionate and enthusiastic about improving the customer experience as we are.

Secondly, as Voice of the Customer specialists, it was really exciting to see how listening to the customer is now at the heart of almost all customer experience programmes.

But listening to customers is just the first step – what else do you need to do to ensure that you turn that feedback into action and improve your customer experience in an agile world?

Making it easy

‘Customer Effort’ has become the buzz term of 2014. But what does it actually mean?

Customer effort is all about making the entire customer experience as easy as possible – from contacting a brand to making a purchase.

The notion of customer effort also extends to Voice of the Customer programmes. If you’re going to ask people for their feedback, make the entire experience as simple, seamless and easy as possible.

Treat it as an extension of your brand and allow people to feedback any time, anywhere and by any device.

Listen to everyone

Allowing customers to feedback directly on their experiences is the first thing, but what about all the customers that choose to share their experience with your brand via other channels?

Integrating feedback from social media, emails and other forms of customer contact will allow you to listen to all customers in real-time and give you the full picture of how your brand is performing.

Fuse feedback

You can’t go about improving the customer experience unless you know what needs fixing. This means listening to your customers, connecting with them and understanding what they have to say.

To help understand what people are truly saying, it’s worth fusing feedback with big data – taking what customers are saying and blending it with what you already know for the full picture.

Brilliant Basics

There was a lot of talk at the event of ‘brilliant basics’ – in other words, get the basics of your customer experience right before you start to innovate and improve.

This means listening to customers at various levels – from an individual level to various customer groups all the way through to your overall customer base – and intervening when things don’t always go to plan.


Often the people on the front line talking to customers and interacting with them are in the best place to know how customers are feeling and how best to respond.

It is therefore essential to give front line staff flexibility when dealing with customers to allow them to do the right thing – they need the right tools and systems in place to understand the impact of a negative (and positive) experience and to be able to do something about it.

Finding a solution

Developing a complex Customer Experience Management solution can be daunting, especially when making sure that it ticks all the boxes.

At eDigitalResearch, our flexible Voice of the Customer programmes are tailored for your exact needs to put you in control of your customer’s experiences.

We’ll work with you every step of the way – from survey design to staff engagement programmes – on your Customer Experience Management programme.

Our superior technical excellence means that we’re able to listen to the Voice of your Customers via a number of channels – not just surveys – as well as fuse feedback with complex big data initiatives.

Meanwhile, our team of passionate researchers are able to dig deep into what your customers are saying and develop a business improvement plan that will directly impact your bottom line thanks to an improved customer experience that will keep customers returning through your doors.


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