2016; the year of emotion

Liana Vickery

January 7, 2016

2015 was another great year for us at eDigitalResearch. We saw double digit growth to our business yet again and welcomed over thirteen new faces to our team. We also launched HUB Text Analytics, our revolutionary verbatim analysis insight platform. But we’re not ones to rest of our laurels. Sales and Marketing Director Kat Hounsell explores our plans for the coming twelve months and why 2016 is the year of emotion.

2015 was the year of SaaS technology. It was about more and more businesses waking up to the power that flexible and adaptable technology can offer them. It was about taking the tools available and using them to empower both operational and strategic business decision making.

It’s why we made important changes to the structure of our board and business – including the fusion of various creative teams to create one, dedicated development team. It’s also why we invested heavily in our technology. With the launch of HUB Text Analytics, we have a leading insight tool at the disposal of our clients and research team. Linked seamlessly with a number of other eDigitalResearch products and services – including our dashboards and closed loop feedback alerts – it truly is an end-to-end Voice of the Customer SaaS solution.

But what does the next twelve months have in store?

The year of emotion

2016 has been dubbed by some – including customer experience guru Bruce Temkin – as the year of emotion. But what does that mean?

We were recently asked by a leading technology journalist what we thought the big business trend of the next twelve months will be.

Our response was simple.

Real-time, automated and intelligent analysis of customer comments – including sentiment – will be one key trend that will really help businesses to deliver for their customers in 2016. Taking highly emotive comments from various sources, including social media – and identifying topics, themes and emotional strength means that businesses can quickly and easily get to the bottom of what customers are saying about them. There’s even the added ability for these types of tools to pick up on particular subjects and issues and send comments directly to the right person within a business so staff can focus their time and energy on fixing the things that matter most.

This technology has been around for a few years now but 2016 will mark the widespread adoption of these tools by businesses. It means that businesses can more efficiently deliver for their customers in an increasingly demanding world simply by better understanding wants, needs and strength of feeling.

Why emotion is important

The emotional reaction of customers is extremely important – leaving customers on a high or a low can be the difference between a repeat customer or someone likely to never return again.

Judging someone’s emotional state is therefore key – it touches every part of a business, from marketing and development to frontline operations. In short, monitoring, measuring and understanding emotion will help businesses to deliver a leading customer experience in 2016.

Intelligent technology that keeps on top of an ever changing world

One key aspect of HUB Text Analytics is its ability to carry on learning. It’s so you can continually stay on top of emerging trends and changing language, including the increasing use of emoticons – and who would have thought that emoticons would turn out to be one of the big trends of 2015.

The more you teach HUB Text Analytics, the more accurately it can decipher what your customers are saying*.

Take our real-time insight during the release of the 2015 John Lewis Christmas advert. Thanks to the flexibility that HUB Text Analytics affords, we were able to quickly teach the tool that, in this instance, crying and a very emotional reaction was actually a positive. It means that within minutes, we had an extremely accurate view of the feelings and emotions experienced during the adverts very first viewings – results indicated that five times as many Twitter users were positive than they were negative with people describing the advert as ‘lovely’, ‘brilliant’ and ‘ wonderful.

All this means that although the desire to analyse comments is a long-standing one, in 2016, HUB Text Analytics will provide the flexibility and accessibility to deliver better experiences as part of a Customer Experience Management solution.

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*For a note on accuracy, see what advice Product Manager Lucy Russell has to offer