Balancing business and customer needs

July 13th  |  7pm  |  Savoy Grill, The Strand

The voice of your customers is increasingly getting louder. 59% of your customers expect to be able to feedback to you about their experiences.

But how to you balance business and customer needs? How can you be sure that what your customers want is right for your business? And how do you effectively apply findings to ensure a great return on investment?

Join Maru/edr for a lively discussion and delicious dinner and get to the bottom of how to get the most from your Voice of the Customer programme and effectively apply research around your whole business.

Places are strictly limited and on an invite only basis.


Hear from the experts on how to engage and empower employees across the business to take action and improve your customer experience.


Our dinner and debates are a great way to meet both industry experts and others in the field. Chat with like-minded people from other businesses and across sectors who are facing the same challenges as you.


Share in ideas and what works well for you, as well as get those burning business questions answered in a safe and secure environment. Any details shared during the evening are confidential and will not be reported elsewhere.


Hearing from others is often the best kind of motivation. Understanding what’s worked well and how they’ve been successful will inspire you to change the way you do things in your business. And even better, you’ll likely inspire others in the same way.


Keep up to date with trends in your industry – and those in other sectors that are likely influencing your customers. Knowing the latest news and trends is key to ensuring you stay ahead of the curve and don’t fall behind the pack.

Have fun

While our main aim is for you to learn something new and come away feeling inspired, our dinner and debates are also an opportunity for you to get away from your desk and have fun at some of the country’s best restaurants.

Introducing the Boardroom Unwound

As leaders in Customer Experience, we work with some the world’s biggest brands on their Voice of the Customer programmes  – our clients have some fabulous stories on how they’ve improved their customer experience.

Our Boardroom Unwound sessions are an opportunity to bring our clients and contacts together to debate key issues, share common challenges and create new solutions together.

By joining us, you’ll be a part of the next step in Customer Experience.

Our hosts


Steve Brockway

Managing Director, Maru/edr

Steve looks after us all at Maru/edr working with both new and existing clients to provide them with a truly outstanding programme.


Derek Eccleston

CDO, Maru/edr

Derek is the leading voice on insight and the brain’s behind Maru/edr’s Voice of the Customer analysis techniques.


Liz Boffey

CDO, Maru/edr

Liz leads our delivery team at Maru/edr working with our senior researchers and technical operators to ensure we deliver real outcomes for clients.


Chris Harrington

CCO, Maru/edr

Chris is the newest member of the Maru/edr board working with all teams to create leading-edge Voice of the Customer solutions for future projects.

Savoy Grill on the Strand

Tucked into one of London’s finest hotels, the Savoy Grill is home to hundreds of years of Hollywood and history.

Lead by Gordon Ramsay, the Savoy Grill combines fine dining with cult classics. We’ll be housed in the private D’Oyly Carte room overlooking the iconic hotel entrance and decked in original 1920s features.



Drinks reception


Dinner and Debate answering key questions, such as how to get customer experience on the boardroom agenda and how a business can turn great experiences into a way of working


Optional drinks