Combine SaaS technology and focused insight to build a bespoke Voice of the Customer solution


By combining SaaS technology with focused insight we build bespoke research solutions tailored around your business needs and driven by our thought leadership. Tell us what you want to achieve and we can advise on the optimum solution, combining any number of our proven technologies and services


Customer Experience Management

Listen, Interpret and Delight your customers across every journey

It’s well known that satisfied customers will stay loyal to you and increase their spend while dissatisfied customers will leave unhappy and unlikely to return. By integrating our flexible customer feedback tool with real-time reporting and intervention, you’ll be able to connect your customers directly with your business and stay in control of your customer’s experiences.

Our Customer Experience Management solution draws on a number of features from our SaaS technology and insight services suite – including our closed-loop feedback management platform eCustomerConnect. Using our omni-channel survey tool, you’ll be able to listen to customers, intelligently interpret what they have to have say and ultimately delight them by closing the feedback loop and putting insight into action.

And because we’re flexible with what we do, our Customer Experience Management solution also supports a range of advanced services  – including customer journey mapping, big data integration and multilingual operations.

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Voice of the Customer

Embedd the customer voice at the heart of your business

Everyone knows that listening to the customer voice is key to continuously improving and keeping ahead of the competition. Simply and seamlessly get the Voice of the Customer to the heart of your business thanks to a number of our products and services.

Using either our optimised feedback surveys or insight panel communities, we’ll help you to listen to your customers – and because your customers don’t always wait for you to approach them before they start sharing their views, we’ll even take comments from social media sites and embed with verified feedback so that your experience can be the very best.

Once feedback’s collected, we’ll help you interpret what your customers have to say. Using a combination of real-time dashboards, data interrogation and focused insight, we’ll take your results and share them around your business to tell a story and bring the customer journey to life – it’s the only way to drive change and ensure a better all-round customer experience.



Omni-channel feedback

Measure and improve your customer experience across a range of touch points

Whether you’re after feedback on your digital experience or want to measure the satisfaction of all your customer touch points, we’re able to build a bespoke solution designed to help you continuously improve. From a simple site feedback button to intelligently timed mobile notifications, our survey tool can cover it all.

What’s more, as pioneers of insight innovation and digital research technology, we’re continuously adding new methodologies and capabilities to our tool. We’re one of the only Voice of the Customer providers to offer beacon deployment and are always looking for exciting ways to reach out and listen to your customers.


What makes us unique is our SaaS technology. We’ve developed a number of cutting-edge insight tools created entirely in-house by our technical team. All our products work seamlessly with each other and when combined with our additional services, come together to create a complete leading-edge insight programme for you


Listen to your customers in the moments that matter

At Maru/edr, we believe your feedback channels should be an extension of your brand. It’s why each and every survey is designed and tailored around your exact needs.

Flexible, agile and fully optimised for a range of devices and touch points, our mobile-first survey tool will work out what device a respondent is using and automatically serve the perfect feedback experience for them. It means customers can quickly and easily tell you what they’re thinking while you’ll get the right feedback and insight you need to improve.

We’re even pioneering new ways of listening to customers – including integrating with beacon technology – meaning that you can gather feedback from customers no matter where or how they interact with you.





Spread the Voice of the Customer effectively around your business

We know that getting the right data to the right people at the right time is key to continuously improving and keeping your brand ahead of the competition. Spread the story behind your data quickly and effectively with your personalised, engaging and real-time dashboards tailored for every level of your business. We’ll recommend the best way to visualise your data – from KPI scorecards to interactive operational action plans.

And it’s not just survey data you can share – thanks to our unique combination of technology and standard widgets, our dashboards integrate feedback with a range of sources, including social media streams, to ensure you and your staff have everything you need to improve and grow.

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Text Analytics

Turn the unstructured Voice of the Customer into action

Our cutting-edge exploratory text analytics tool – HUB Text Analytics – takes all the hard work out of verbatim analysis and allows you to understand and share what your customers want and need and how they feel about a range of issues.

Using pioneering data interrogation techniques, we’ll take customer comments from a range of sources – not just survey responses – and give you the platform to explore what’s being said about your brand in real-time. And because comments are integrated from different sources, you’ll discover and capitalise on emerging trends long before your closest competitors do.

Not ones to rest on our laurels, Maru/edr will continue to develop our leading text analytics suite in the months ahead.

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HUB analysis and reporting

Real-time data interrogation and analysis

Explore and interrogate data using HUB, our insight and analysis portal. Survey responses are ready to view immediately so you can keep track of your performance – we’ll even fuse feedback with your supporting customer data, such as average spend or footfall, so that you have the whole picture when making important business decisions.

As well data being ready to analyse using HUB’s various features and filters, feedback can also be exported into a number of formats, including Excel and PowerPoint.

Closed loop feedback

A key tool in Customer Experience Management, eCustomerConnect is a closed-loop feedback tool and complaint management mechanism. Using seamless technology and an intelligent rules based system, eCustomerConnect automatically analyses feedback, categorises issues and alerts relevant members of staff – it allows you to identify emerging issues and take the appropriate, remedial action to turn negative scenarios into a positive.

By using our flexible SaaS technology, eCustomerConnect can be integrated with our product suite, perfectly complimenting a range of solutions – including site surveys and in-store feedback.



Panels and Communities

Profiled pool of customers ready to speak to whenever you need

Our award-winning Panels and Communities tool is powering some of the world’s largest insight panels. Speak and listen to your customers in a branded, engaging and trusted environment, bringing the Voice of the Customer closer to the heart of your business. Combining both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, you’ll get to pose questions in a number of ways while discovering new ideas and trends from your customers that you might not have thought of.

Real-time reporting allows you to keep track of what’s being said, while panel health dashboards monitor the strength of your panel so you can make confident, informed business decisions on the back of results. We’re even able to integrate feedback with supporting customer data – such as average spend – so you get the full picture.

Mystery shopping

Independent and unbiased review of customer touch points

The first in our long range of leading insight tools, eMysteryShopper uses profiled shoppers to rate and assess your entire end-to-end customer journey – from first impressions and product pages to delivery and after sales care. You’ll get a detailed assessment of how your multiple digital channels perform. We’ll even review your closest competitors and benchmark your performance against theirs showing exactly where you need to improve and how.

eMysteryShopper is the foundation of our industry benchmark reports. For over fifteen years, we’ve been measuring the growing digital customer experience across key sectors – including retail and travel. It’s what fuels our renowned thought leadership.



Alongside our cutting-edge SaaS technology, we offer a range of complimentary insight and account services to deliver you the focused, actionable insight you need to improve and grow your business. Rather than obsess about measurement, we like to focus on outcomes so that you have tangible, commercially-driven action plans to truly grow your business



A flexible and agile approach to account service

When you choose Maru/edr as your insight and Voice of the Customer provider, you’ll enter into a mutually beneficial partnership. Our implementation team will get to know your business inside and out so that we can completely bespoke our solution to your exact needs. Working closely alongside both our in-house technical and insight teams, our dedicated implementation managers ensure that starting your programme is simple and seamless – we’ll even devise stakeholder engagement workshops making sure your programme launch is successful.

Once everything is up and running, our account management team will provide everything you need day-to-day. – whether you need insight fast or want changes to your programme, your dedicated Maru/edr account manager will be on hand every step of the way.

Actionable insight

Commercial insight to drive business change

At Maru/edr, we’re focused on outcomes, not just measurement. We pride ourselves on providing commercially-driven, actionable insight so that your business can really improve.

You can be confident you’re making the right business decisions thanks years of experience and knowledge of every market place – for over fifteen years we’ve been benchmarking the growing digital customer experience across retail, travel, utility and finance sectors, among others.

Our team of experienced and certified researchers will take feedback and data from a range of sources and dig deep to uncover the true story behind what’s being said. We’ll even detail not only what improvements to make, but where you’ll see the best return on investment – and all so you can make informed business decisions that will really grow your business.



Data integration

Fuse data with feedback for the whole picture

Integrate any kind of data – from social media to sales figures – with your customer feedback swiftly and securely thanks to our leading-edge SaaS technology. Whether you want to fuse average spend or live event data with your customer feedback, our platform is able to handle a range of complex integration processes – and all in real-time.

All data we handle is stored on our secure servers so you can sleep well at night knowing that your customer data is safe and secure. Our intelligent FeedManager tool will even do all the hard work for you, speaking directly with your systems and gathering the information needed making the integration of data seamless.

We’ve even teamed up with a number of complimentary providers – including analytics firms and session replay technology platforms – to integrate their data onto our system. Chances are you’re already working with one of these providers and at a click of a button, you’ll be able to view your feedback and supporting data side by side – it helps bring feedback to life and tells the whole story behind customer’s experiences.


Advanced analytics

Proven research techniques for informed business decisions

We’ll take your customer data and turn it into something tangible thanks to our focused insight offering and strategic development plans. Every member of our research team goes through extensive training to ensure they’re well versed when it comes to various research methodologies – including advanced and predictive analytics.

Predicting the future is a tricky business but by using proven research techniques, we’ll properly analyse your data and find the real story behind what’s being said. It means we can confidently advise you on where we think you could improve and what developments will bring about the biggest ROI and really help grow your business.



Global capabilities

Flexible worldwide insight and feedback

Working alongside our approved Digital Insight Network partners, we offer a global Voice of the Customer solution. Working with like-minded digital agencies in all four corners of the world, we’re able to provide global solutions coupled with local insight.

We’re a cost-effective and flexible alternative to large, multinational research organisations whose global operations struggle to match our responsive approach. Using both geo-location and multi-language technology, we’ll let your customers feed back in their own words and in any language. Our custom dashboards quickly and easily spread the Voice of the Customer to the right people around your business, while our focused insight ensures your entire global customer experience really is the very best it can be.

Journey mapping

Understand the complex journeys customers take across channels

We all know that no customer journey is as simple as A to B anymore. As part of our wider Voice of the Customer and Customer Experience Management solutions, we’re able to map your multiple customer journeys across touch points and identify key moments within them. We’ll even advice on the right methodology to capturing feedback across all journeys and relationships so you have the right feedback and insight you need to make informed business decisions.



Employee engagement

Motivate and empower staff

We know how to embed programmes, motivate staff and empower employees to take action.

Over the past five years, we’ve achieved more in employee engagement than any other small business in the country. We’re widely recognised as the best digital insight agency to work for and are particularly renowned for our staff wellbeing and learning and development.

It means that we truly understand employee engagement and are on hand to advise you how to engage with your staff and stakeholders. We’ll work with you and key members of staff to ensure our feedback solution works for you with a tailored stakeholder engagement plan so that insight and results can truly drive change across your organisation. We’ll even design a bespoke solution to listen to your staff so that you can create a fantastic working environment just like ours.

Intelligent sampling

Surveying the right customers at the right time

With so many customer journeys, moments and touch points these days, it’s easy to fall down the trap of over complicating feedback programmes with unnecessary processes or over-surveying customers.

Our intelligent sampling technology will automatically detect when, where and how to gather feedback from your customers across multiple journeys. Put it simply – our experience combined with our tools means we know who to survey, when to survey them and what methodology to use. It means that no customer is ever bombarded for feedback and that all resulting insight is truly representative of your customer base.