Listening to readers and informing editorial content

Plus feedback is helping The Telegraph to measure ad effectiveness and brand awareness

The challenge

A great customer experience brings together fantastic products and excellent service. But how do you stay on top of emerging trends and develop your service and products in line with customer demands and expectations?

The solution

An Insight Panel or Community provides an engaging and secure environment to listen and talk to customers or target groups. Tap into emerging trends, explore new ideas and develop new products and services rooted in clear customer insight to keep your experience ahead of the rest.

Put your customers first.

In such a fast-paced, consumer-driven world, it can be difficult to be know what you need to do to grow. Brands need robust insight generated from the right people to solve key business challenges.

An insight panel or community gives you the opportunity to speak to your customers in a trusted and engaging environment. Combine a range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies to discover new ideas and tap into emerging trends to grow your business ahead of the competition.

A cycle of continuous feedback to develop products, improve satisfaction and increase customer loyalty.


Combining technology, advisory insight and panel management expertise, our flexible Panel and Community solution works seamlessly across any industry.


  • Tap into emerging trends and capitalise before your competitors
  • Explore new ideas with a mixture of qualitative and quantitative methodologies
  • Increase loyalty through engagement and capture negative comments

  • Act customer first and develop products to address clear wants and needs
  • Optimise marketing campaigns to guarantee a higher ROI rate
  • Make decisions based on data by integrating feedback with sales and CRM systems


  • Explore new ideas with a mixture of qualitative and quantitative methodologies
  • Understand how you perform against competitors and monitor brand engagement
  • Speak and listen to customers quickly and easily across the globe

  • Tap into emerging trends and inform marketing campaigns, touchpoints and products
  • Make key decisions with confidence by integrating feedback with big data
  • Optimise advertising campaigns effectively for different markets and regions


  • Actively engage with customers and bring their voice into the decision making process
  • Ensure marketing messages have the highest impact possible with both new and existing customers
  • Capitalise on emerging trends before your competitors

  • Identify improvements with clear ROI
  • Co-create new products, services and developments and explore feasibility
  • Make smarter business decisions by investing in areas with the greatest return


  • Make data-backed business decisions to improve your customer experience
  • Embed the Voice of the Customer into all areas of your business – from marketing to services
  • Successfully launch new products and services using feedback to shape ideas and developments

  • Listen and speak to customers on a regular basis in a traditional low-engagement sector
  • Optimise advertising efforts by creating the right messages for the right people
  • Monitor emerging trends and capitalise before your competitors do


  • Hear from customers on a regular basis about what could be improved and how
  • Explore ideas and test new services, formats and content
  • Reduce churn by creating an experience that customer’s will shout about

  • Tap into emerging trends and capitalise before your competitors
  • Target the right people at the right time and in the right format with optimised marketing messsages
  • Use insight to shape key decisions across all areas of your business


Understand how an Insight Panel or Community would benefit you and your role – whether that’s exploring the reasoning behind customer feedback or developing products and services built around customer needs.

business-leadersBusiness Leaders

Grow your business by engaging with customers to discover their wants and needs

cx-teamCustomer Experience

Use a Panel or Community to assess new ideas and develop solutions to put your brand experience ahead of the competition


Investigate areas of improvement and provide staff with a platform to have their voice heard with an employee panel or community


Explore Voice of the Customer feedback in greater depth and truly understand customer perceptions for all areas of your business

The leaders in Voice of the Customer panel technology

Technology to inform business decisions

An innovative Panel and Community software tool with dynamic ways of interacting with customers and exploring Voice of the Customer feedback to truly understand customer perceptions.

Pick and choose the right technology you need to create a Panel or Community designed to answer your business questions.

Surveys and Polls

Listen to your customers in the moments that matter. Optimised for both touch points and languages, our Voice of the Customer survey tool will help you to effectively reach out and listen to your customers. And when integrated with the world’s first digital semiotics tool, our Emotional Positioning System, you will also quickly and easily understand your customer’s emotions.

Forums and video capture

Dig deeper with quantitative methodologiesExplore concepts and ideas or simply understand the reasoning and motivations behind customer behaviour with a range of digital quantitative methods – including forums, net chats and video feedback.

Data integration

Make confident decisions backed by big data Integrate panel and community feedback with other existing systems, including sales data and CRM. We work on an open API businesses meaning we can integrate with anyone and anything.


Spread the Voice of the Customer effectively around your businessWe know that getting the right data to the right people at the right time is key to keeping your brand ahead of the competition. Spread the story behind your data quickly and effectively with your personalised, engaging and real-time dashboard tailored for every level of your business.

Closed-loop feedback

Empower staff to take actionAutomatically detect unhappy customers and send complaints to the right person in the right way in your business to help and take action. Our closed-loop tool can be integrated with a range of solutions – from Voice of the Customer surveys to site feedback buttons and text analytics data.

Analysis and Reporting

Real-time data interrogation and analysisExplore performance data using HUB, our insight and analysis portal. We will even take all of the hard work out of the verbatim analysis and allow you to turn the unstructured Voice of the Customer into action using our text analysis tool.

Empower business decisions through customer insight

Focus on action

We’re not just focused on measurement. We’re focused on outcomes.

Our insight team are fully trained across a range of research methodologies. They can be as hands on as you need and involved in survey design, employee engagement and insight and reporting.

Sector expertise

Put results into context with experts across verticals Ensure the greatest return on your investment by taking feedback and results and turning it into clear business action. Our vertical research specialists understand differing marketplaces and know what areas of development will bring you the greatest return.

Actionable insight

Commercial insight to drive business change By adding context to what your customers are saying, our industry experts will turn insight into a clear business improvement plan built for your business sector.

Understand emotion

Tap into subconscious decision making Use science and proven technology to understand how your customers really feel and tap into their subconscious decision making to make improvements your competitors are not aware of. Our Emotional Positioning System tool is the very first digital semiotics technology and makes understanding emotions quick and reliable.

Employee engagement

Turn great experiences into a way of working We understand employee engaagement and are on hand to advise how to engage with your staff and stakeholders. We’ll even work with key team members to ensure your bespoke Customer Experience Management solution works for everyone in your business.

Advanced analytics

Proven research techniques for informed business decisions Every member of our research team goes through extensive, certified training to ensure they are well versed when it comes to various research methodologies – including advanced and predictive analytics.

Award-winning support

A flexible and agile approach to account service When you choose to partner with Maru/edr, you will enter into a mutually beneficial partnership with an operations, services and support specialists available to ensure your Customer Experience Management program delivers continuous results for your business.

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