Online Retail Review: Delighting with Delivery

Delighting with delivery in online retail

Online channels are becoming increasingly important to UK retailers.

The steady rise in growth and popularity of online retailing is remarkable – but what happens once the shopper presses the ‘place order’ button?

For the first time, Maru/edr have taken their experience and expertise in retail and delved deep into the data to uncover what it really takes to delight customer’s with a winning delivery experience. Exploring feedback from 165,000 consumers across twenty home delivery surveys in 2016, insight reveals that it’s not just about what you do – but how you do it when it comes to delighting with delivery.

Fulfilment is about much more than delivering an item on time – in fact, it’s about four factors, which when combined, allow retailers to truly delight their customers with the whole home delivery experience.

Download Maru/edr’s latest Online Retail Review report to explore what it takes to delight customers with a winning delivery experience.



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