The Telegraph is one of the UK’s leading newspaper titles, with 480,000 readers every week. But with an increasingly diversified media landscape, The Telegraph wanted a way of engaging with its readers on a regular basis and opening up channels of two-way dialogue to better understand how to build a successful, multichannel news offering.


As one of the UK’s leading newspapers, The Telegraph wanted a way to better connect and engage with their readers in an increasingly diversifying media landscape. They wanted the ability to speak candidly to readers in a trusted and engaging environment to better understand how they could deliver an exceptional multichannel news experience.

A tailored readership panel was the ideal platform for The Telegraph to open up two-way dialogue with its readers. They needed a research partner with both the technical capabilities and insight credentials to design, manage and grow a highly engaging insight panel.


Professional management of over 500 surveys, 450,000 forum posts and 15,000 individual topics

A bespoke readership panel grown to over 480,000 readers

Clear insight, available to UK advertisers, demonstrates value and ROI of their Telegraph partnership