Customer Voice: Asking Less is giving us More

With the introduction of sites such as TripAdvisor, it is critical for customer voice to be heard by businesses and brands, both in the boardroom and out of it. Managing Director of Consumer Services – Sarah Beams – explores how asking less is easy with a powerful Text Analytics engine and a fuss-free data integration procedure. […]

Three challenges facing every cx professional

Our experience over the last two decades has taught us that every customer experience professional faces three key challenges in delivering a seamless, personalised experience to customers. It was a key debate during our recent Painting Better Pictures Faster Summit. Maru/edr Managing Director Liz Boffey explores how to overcome these challenges.   It’s well documented […]

Acquisition, retention and the future of banking

With the promise the open banking on the horizon, consumers soon will have more choice than ever before. So how do brands ensure that existing customers remain and new customers come to them? Finance specialist Stephanie Cohen explores key drivers in financial decision-making processes and what the future might hold.   Security and trust are […]

The power of employee feedback: Are you missing insight from a valuable resource?

With the threat of auto-compensation looming, it’s never been so important to get the customer experience right for broadband and landline suppliers. Maru/edr’s Technology, Media and Telecoms specialist Melanie Lewis explores how engaged colleagues can help develop processes that work for customers and businesses alike.   We’ve all been there; waiting at home for an […]

Influencing mobile upgrades; the opportunity to turn a winning digital experience into revenue

With eighty percent of the UK population now in possession of a smartphone, handset manufacturers, networks and retailers are always looking for new ways to acquire customers. Following the recent release of Samsung’s latest flagship device, Maru/edr’s specialist for Telecomms, Media and Technology explores the latest mobile upgrade behaviour and how all involved in the […]