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Why are Amazon leading digital customer experience best practice?

For almost two decades, Digital Customer Experience Retail reports have been providing vital best practice and guidance as retailers and brands navigate changing consumer expectations. Maru/edr’s latest report revealed that ease and functionality are still fundamental to a great digital customer experience. Here Associate Director for Retail, Kat Hughes, explores just what a functional site experience looks like and why online retailing giant Amazon continue to deliver when it comes to great experiences.

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Why retailers cannot ignore the growing authority of mobile shopping

They say that with the invention of the smartphone, we have the wealth of human knowledge in our pocket. By that same sentiment, we also have the global high-street. As the number of mobile users overtakes those using desktop, there is – now more than ever – a need for retailers to take this touch point seriously. Research Director, Crispin Boon, explores the results of Maru/edr’s latest eRetail benchmark to find out who is leading the mCommerce race.

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Trends in Online Retail; a review of 2016

At the beginning of 2016, Maru/edr released the 33rd edition of the Digital Customer Experience Retail Benchmark report. The sixteenth edition of the annual Christmas wave revealed five key trends that had the potential to set leading retailers apart in 2016. Here, twelve months on, Associate Director for Retail Kat Hughes examines those five trends and reviews how the next twelve months are already shaping up for the retail market.

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