Why retailers cannot ignore the growing authority of mobile shopping

They say that with the invention of the smartphone, we have the wealth of human knowledge in our pocket. By that same sentiment, we also have the global high-street. As the number of mobile users overtakes those using desktop, there is – now more than ever – a need for retailers to take this touch point seriously. Research Director, Crispin Boon, explores the results of Maru/edr’s latest eRetail benchmark to find out who is leading the mCommerce race.

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Emotional reaction vs emotional transaction: why measuring emotion needs to go beyond simple understanding

There is vast difference between an emotional reaction and emotional transaction from consumers. Only an emotional transaction understanding uncovers the subsequent behaviour and outcome of consumers. Here, Research Director Crispin Boon explains why understanding emotional transactions are so important and how measuring these outcomes are easier than ever before with Emotional Positioning System™.

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Five trends defining online retail in 2016

For over sixteen years, the eRetail Benchmark from eDigitalResearch (edr) has been tracking online retail. With results used to inform digital strategies and shape online experiences, eDigitalResearch’s (edr’s) retail expert Crispin Boon takes a closer look at the trends defining online retail in the months ahead.

Predictions and trends featured originally appeared in eDigitalResearch’s (edr’s) The Future of eRetail Report.

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