Five ways grocers are now excelling online

Traditionally, grocers tended to be behind the curve when it came to the digital customer experience. However, the latest digital eRetail Benchmark results placed pure play grocer Ocado at the top of the league table for the very first time. Chief Delivery Officer at eDigitalResearch Liz Boffey explores how Ocado climbed to the top and what grocers are finally doing well when it comes to the online shopping experience.

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Two thirds of Black Friday shoppers holding back on planned purchases for the big day

Black Friday

  • 64% of potential Black Friday shoppers are holding back on purchases; that’s over a quarter (27%) of all consumers
  • Anticipation for Black Friday is growing; 42% of consumers plan to shop, up from the 30% who predicted they might make a Black Friday purchase earlier in September
  • Consumers are increasingly talking about Black Friday with delivery, stores and sites a growing theme

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The future of research: shorter surveys and improved insight

There’s been a trade-off happening in the research world – improve the participant experience by shortening a survey but potentially lose actionable insight.

Thanks to HUB Text Analytics, shorter surveys no longer mean restricted insight. Combining new technology and our research know-how, we can improve the participant experience and still turn insight into action. eDigitalResearch’s Managing Director Steve Brockway examines how it works and what it all means for the future of research.

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Integrate with who you want, when you want

Data is often cited as the oil of the 21st century – understanding customers and their behaviour is unbelievably powerful to businesses. It’s why at eDigitalResearch we’re able to integrate feedback with a number of third party data solutions to give you one, unified customer view. Shane Wright, Chief Technical Officer explores why, with eDigitalResearch, your integration possibilities are endless.

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